Natra Bintan (The Canopi), a FULL Review of how Awesome it actually is!

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*The Canopi Bintan has been rebranded to Natra Bintan (as of 1 August 2019).

Recently, WeekendGoWhere Singapore had sponsored Chloe to Natra Bintan (The Canopi), Indonesia. Here’s her in-depth blog post about the entire experience at this unique resort.

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Hi guys!! Recently, WeekendGoWhereSG sent us to The Canopi, Bintan Island. Honestly, the entire trip was so good and it really felt like a dream when we got back to Singapore. I’ve been quite excited to share about the trip ever since I got back!!

The concept of The Canopi is pretty cool – the resort prides itself in its unique glamping experience. Rooms are in the form of tents and honestly, this experience has allowed us to be really close to nature.

(Side note: All prices are before 15% discount and 21% tax also because….. my math isn’t the best.)

d1 01 canopi

Getting There:

Getting to The Canopi is really convenient – the resort provides free transportation from the ferry terminal to the resort. Upon exiting the ferry terminal, staff from the resort will link up with you and guide you to a bus which brings you to the resort straight.

d1 02 canopid1 03 canopi

Getting around the resort:

The resort is pretty big – the resort lobby and tents are at two opposites of the lagoon. Most of the trip we decided to walk (it’s not too far honestly), but on afternoons that were too hot, we hitched buggies along the way. Just tell the buggy drivers where you would like them to take you to. Alternatively, scooters are available for rent and they’re pretty slow and safe!

d1 04 canopid1 06 transportd1 07 transportd1 08 transport

Checking in: Glamping Deluxe Tent

We stayed in the Glamping Deluxe Tent for 1 night and honestly…….. the room is really what dreams are made of.

The room itself has a huge king sized bed, another sofa, and the toilet has a pretty sick jacuzzi too.

d1 09 roomd1 10 roomd1 11 room

also….. my favourite part of the room

d1 12 room

The toilet is really pretty cool!! It’s not completely sheltered so it does get a little cold if you decide to shower at night.

d1 13 room

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Lunch: Street Food

We got a little hungry so we decided to visit the Street Food stretch. (ya go all the way until holiday to eat Indomie for lunch but honestly its the best maggi mee I’ve tasted in my life.) Each dish costs about $3-4! So for lunch, we had 2 plates of Indomie.

Price: 40,000IDR per plate

d1 14 lunchd1 15 lunch

After picking up some food, we wanted to try out some activities at the resort! All guests are entitled to 15% off activities even after checking out as long as you wear the Canopi Guest wristband.

d1 17 activities

Best Price to Natra Bintan (The Canopi Resort) with WeekendGoWhere! Friendly Customer Service Whats-app 93900052 call +65 6358 4231 (9am to 6pm). Quote “SingaporeGo” as your source.

Virtual Reality Movie:

We decided to catch a really short movie after lunch. And by really short, each movie is about 3-4 minutes long. Still, I do think it’s pretty fun and interactive!

Price: 30,000IDR per person

d1 18 vrd1 19 vr

Airsoft Gun:

It was my first time trying this so it was quite an experience for me. The activity manager was really helpful in guiding us to get better shots and where to aim next. We paid for a set of 30 bullets, it was over pretty quickly and we didn’t want to pay for more bullets so we headed off after one round.

Price: 80,000IDR for 30 bullets

d1 20 airsoftd1 21 airsoft

Dinner: New Year’s Eve Buffet

As we travelled on New Year’s Eve, unfortunately, there were really limited slots and we didn’t get to try the BBQ dinner. So instead we decided to opt for the buffet dinner at the lobby. There were also live cooking stations behind the buffet area and even had an area where they roasted an entire lamb.

The dinner was quite culturally enriching as well, performances ranged from traditional Indonesian dances to local artists and bands. A little pricey but I think we had a pretty good time there.

Price: 450,000IDR per person

d1 22 dinnerd1 24 dinnerd1 25 dinnerd1 27 dinnerd1 28 dinner

Our original plan was to release a sky lantern as we thought it would have been pretty nice and significant. Unfortunately, it was the monsoon season and the wind was too strong so our lanterns wouldn’t have gone up so we gave it a pass ?

We decided to walk back and rest in our room instead and on the way back, we managed to catch some stars in the sky! (my camera couldn’t capture this also but trust me when I say it was really pretty.)

Also, we spent the last moments of 2018 ordering room service as we were honestly really tired, ended up falling asleep for an hour after reaching our room and we didn’t even want to go for a countdown party. So instead we ordered some chicken satay and A&W rootbeer and…… watched Captain America in the room. However, we did get treated to some fireworks right outside our room so here’s a photo from my iPhone 6s because WordPress doesn’t allow me to upload videos.


Happy 2019.


Each booking comes with a pair of complimentary breakfast passes at the restaurant. They really offer quite a spread of food and a live egg cooking station too.

d2 01 breakfastd2 02 breakfastd2 03 breakfastd2 04 breakfastd2 05 breakfast

Best Price to Natra Bintan (The Canopi Resort) with WeekendGoWhere! Friendly Customer Service Whats-app 93900052 call +65 6358 4231 (9am to 6pm). Quote “SingaporeGo” as your source.

Mangrove Kayaking

After breakfast, we checked out of our room and after dropping our bags off, continued with our activities. We decided to head for Mangrove Kayaking and wowwwww it’s really different from kayaking in Singapore. We managed to spot some mudcrabs, snakes, monkeys and even a barracuda.

Additionally, a guide will follow you around to make sure you don’t get lost or stuck anywhere (you really can get stuck in the mud because a couple of times we paddled into areas that were too shallow.) Plus the guide took like 60 over photos and videos of us and he will WhatsApp it to you so you get to have some pretty solid photos. but I got a bit tired halfway and I’m not paddling in most of the photos……… so I’m not gonna show them ?

(Once again, WordPress didn’t allow me to upload videos so here’s a photo from my film camera (which explains why the photos look different) but trust me when I say its worth the money ok just go there and try it for yourself)

Price: 330,000IDR per person for one hour


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Lunch: Street Food (again)

We really couldn’t get enough of the street food so we went back for more on day 2. This time we got 2 plates of mee goreng, 1 plate of satay and 1 box of goreng pisang (banana fritters).

Price: 150,000IDR for everything.

40,000IDR per plate of Mee Goreng

40,000IDR per plate of Satay

30,000IDR per box of Goreng Pisang

d2 07 lunch

Slip n Slide

This is so worth the money because, for the price you pay, you get to ride this unlimited times (or for as many times as you want to climb the stairs up). This looks quite mild from far but when you’re up there, its really a lot higher and it goes a lot faster than it looks. Do give this a try!

Price: 50,000IDR for unlimited rides

d2 08 slip n slided2 09 slip n slided2 10 slip n slide

Chilling by the Lagoon

We decided to go for a swim in the afternoon and to soak in the water for a bit. Entrance to the lagoon is complimentary for all resort guests. The afternoon weather was pretty good, the sun was out but the heat was pretty comfortable. We ended up falling asleep on the deck chairs as usual.

d2 12 lagoond2 13 lagoond2 14 lagoon

Dinner: Kampong Kelong Seafood Restaurant

For our last meal in Bintan, we decided to visit a Kelong for dinner. Getting to the Kelong is an experience in itself. Just let the activity centre know you want to make a booking for dinner and they’ll pass you a slip which entitles you off to 20% discount, and the centre will make all transportation arrangements.

We had a driver pick us up from the hotel, drove us out and transferred us to take a speedboat. After we were done, the kelong also made arrangements for the speedboat to pick us up and our driver was waiting at the pickup point for us when we were there. Also, everyone was really so nice, the route between the speedboat’s dropoff point and the car’s pickup point was quite dark so the driver was really nice to make sure we were safe and didn’t trip over anything.

d2 15 kelongd2 16 kelong

The highlight of this kelong is how fresh the seafood is – we even get to see our crab and see if it’s of a suitable size before the waiter brings the live crab in to cook. Prices for the seafood dishes are really worth it but not so much for the other dishes so eventually, we ended up getting a 400g crab, one plate of veggies, one fish soup and 2 bowls of rice. Nonetheless, it was still pretty filling.

Price: 500,000IDR for everything

d2 17 kelong

Some things worth noting:

  1. The activity centre (Treasure Bay) operates separately from the main resort. Hence sometimes the staff may not be able to answer your questions as the activity centre might not be aware of what the resort’s arrangements are, and vice versa
  2. There is a 21% tax on all activities and food. Although resort guests are entitled to 15% off activities and 20% off Kelong Dining, do account for this difference.
  3. Do make bookings for your activities and especially if you’re planning to have the BBQ dinner! Spaces were much tighter as we travelled on New Year’s Eve, but nonetheless try and book in advance for your activities so you can get the time slot you want.

Overall thoughts:

I really couldn’t think of a better way to spend my New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day – being able to spend time with my loved ones abroad and relaxing and being away from all my work back home to recharge for the new year.

One of my favourite parts of this whole trip was how you can really create your own experience. There are so many activities available to choose from, and even for activities that require travelling out, the resort has made everything so fuss-free that there’s really nothing to worry about. The staff at the resort are really nice and helpful too! There were so many special moments on this trip that weren’t just from doing the activities, but soaking in the ambiance of everything.

I think the resort is really worth the money as you get to save the hassle and additional cost of travelling in and out for activities. It was such a great trip! :’)

Anyway if you’re interested in visiting, do drop WeekendGoWhereSG a message on Facebook and they’ll offer you the best deals per what they have on hand!

Best Price to Natra Bintan (The Canopi Resort) with WeekendGoWhere! Friendly Customer Service Whats-app 93900052 call +65 6358 4231 (9am to 6pm). Quote “SingaporeGo” as your source.

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