Car crashes into back of Truck at Full Speed

Video of a car crashing into the rear of a stationary truck at full speed was filmed by the dashboard camera of a car travelling beside it.

Video screengrab

This happened in the early morning of 13 Mar 2018, around 5am on PIE towards Tuas direction.

As seen in the video, a black SUV was seen going at full speed, hitting the rear of a yellow truck likely for tree pruners.

The car was travelling in the first lane, and must not have seen the lit-up signal from afar and couldn’t brake in time.

The force of the crash was so intense that the truck rear was lifted into the air, crushing the black car underneath it.

The yellow truck was also hit with such force that it pushed the vehicle to hit the truck in front of it.

Netizens went on saying that the cones were not placed far enough to alert drivers of work ahead, while others argued that the flashing warning lights on the trucks should have been a good enough signal to avoid the crash.

We are not sure of the casualties since there has yet to be any official statements released by the police.

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