Car Theft in Malaysia – Using Water Bottles?!

Going back to Malaysia to visit relatives this Chinese New Year?

Well, if you are, we certainly wish you all the best and enjoy your reunion!

However, if you’re driving across the Causeway, it would do good to be mindful of your car, as well as personal belongings inside.

The past weeks had saw a spate of car thefts across M’sia, where thieves were able to open car doors of keyless cars with an array of high-tech programmes and devices.

However, there is a rise in car-related thefts using this much less advanced method.

Empty water bottles. 

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Yup, you read that right – empty plastic mineral water bottles. And how they do it is pretty ingenious, too.

Malaysian FB page Johor Bati has put forth a public service announcement warning users to be careful if they see a water bottle lodged around their car tires.

In case you can’t see the image, the M’sian police is warning drivers to be wary if they see an empty plastic bottle close to their car (could be in front of the car, or underneath the car).

When drivers start their car, a strange sound is produced when the water bottle is crushed.

Being cautious/kiasu, the driver would then come of the vehicle to check the situation.

It is then thieves take advantage of this to pillage the belongings inside the car – a simple but ingenious trick.

Please note that thieves are currently using such a method for car theft in M’sia, and so do be alert if you intend to drive over for the festive CNY season!

Here’s wishing all SingaporeGo readers a Happy CNY!

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