Cassia Bintan – Beachfront Apartment FULL Review (2019)

All You Need To Know About Cassia Bintan, One Of The Most Luxurious Resorts In Bintan.

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Sick of staycations in Singapore? Bring your next vacation to a whole new level at Cassia Bintan, a luxurious 5-Star Beachfront that is a perfect blend between a hotel and an apartment. No doubt, the best of both worlds!

Cassia Bintan is only an hour away from our shores. Before you know it, you’ll be at the resort in a jiffy! This island escape is sure to please everyone with its beautiful loft apartments and white sand beaches!

Join me as I take you through a detailed review of my 2D1N stay at Cassia Bintan.

Getting There

Starting off our 2D1N getaway, we gathered at Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal where we await the ferry to Bintan. Sure enough, in less than an hour, we arrived at Bandar Bentan Telani Port.

We met up with the resort staff to check our names off their name list. Afterwards, we boarded an air-conditioned shuttle bus to the resort and before we know it, we reached Cassia Bintan!

First Impression

Aren’t first impressions important?

You’d be surprised to see the super trendy furniture and murals around the reception area. Every turn you take is Insta-worthy!

The vibrant and eye-catching colours definitely contribute to the lively atmosphere that Cassia is striving to achieve. Forget Haji Lane, Cassia is the way!

Apartment Tour

For our stay, we booked the One Bedroom Loft Ocean View.


Even in the rooms, we were pleasantly surprised to see that the artsy feel at the lobby was not lost! Our room had a brilliant shade of turquoise and the walls were decorated with traditional designs. The blast of natural light streaming in from the full-length windows bathed the whole apartment in sunlight so we didn’t even need to switch on the lights!

Stepping outside into the patio, we were greeted with an absolutely amazing view of the ocean. How much better can this apartment get?

The Loft

What knocked me off my feet the most was the loft which can be reached via the wooden steps. I can’t express how much I love this special (and gorgeous) feature at Cassia Bintan!

I’m pretty sure kids will love this place and the beanbag is a good enough reason. Enough said.

After fawning and gushing over the loft, it was hard to convince me to get back down again to explore the rest of the apartment. Think I am exaggerating? Well, why don’t you come down here to experience it for yourself! I’m sure you will feel the same way too.

Be Your Own Masterchef

Next, I poked around the kitchen which was almost sparkly clean. The kitchen comes with a stove and basic cooking utensils. I personally don’t cook but it’s good to know that Cassia Bintan has thoughtfully considered guests who prefer to cook.

For this reason alone, I take my hat off to Cassia Bintan.

Angsana Spa

How can you call this a vacation without some relaxation? We then headed to Angsana Spa for a 60-minute Traditional Javanese Massage. This experience will definitely leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated!

Mookata Feast

DIY Mookata? Count me in!

In my apartment? Hell yeah, that’s convenient.

Another feature that stands out in Cassia is the ability to enjoy your Mookata from the comfort of your apartment!

Market 23 is a well-stocked minimart which is located at the corner of the resort lobby. This is where you can get the pre-packaged ingredients for your Mookata or BBQ meals. Preparing your own meal has never been this easy!

Just want a snack? No worries! Market 23 also offers a wide variety of ice creams and even the local Bintang Beer!

Night Stroll Under the Stars

After filling up our tummies, we decided to take a stroll along the beach under the starry night sky.  As we walked, something caught my eye. There were beanbags. On the Beach! 

While returning to our rooms, we happened to pass by XANA Beach Club but decided to forgo it because it was just not our thing.

First Light

Cassia guests are entitled to a complimentary yoga session at the Santai Deck, which was a 5-minute walk from our rooms. I know having yoga at 5.30 am in the morning sounds like an ungodly hour to be up but I promise you, it’ll be worth it!


After watching the sunrise, our poor stomachs were practically screaming in protest. It was time…for breakfast!

* Pssssst keep a lookout for the doughnut board! They are (very) Instgrammable.

Swim My Little One!

Unfortunately for us, our trip didn’t coincide with the Turtle Releasing Activity. Damn, I must say I was really looking forward to this. *cries*

Another reason for me to return to Cassia!

Nua & Chill

After staying at our apartment loft for a little while longer, it was time for us to check out. The check out time at Cassia was at 12 pm so it gave us more than sufficient time to pack our stuff.

Award-Winning Thai Food @ Saffron

Before we said goodbye to Bintan, we decided to squeeze out whatever time we had left to dine at Saffron, an award-winning Thai restaurant located at Banyan Tree. It was so near that we got there on foot.

All I can say is that the restaurant really deserves the awards that they’ve received. Despite being on the pricier side, it was definitely worth the money!

Cr: TripAdvisor

Cr: TripAdvisor

Home Sweet Home

After stuffing our faces with superb food, it was time to head back to the little red dot.

I will be back again, Cassia! 

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Travel on a Budget & Friendly Customer Service with WeekendGoWhere! Whatsapp +65 9457 2440 OR call +65 6358 4231 (9am to 6pm). Quote “SingaporeGo” as your source.
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