Ceiling board COLLAPSES on a female customer dining in at Macdonald’s

The scrambled eggs in your BigBreakfast may have been overcooked or the kitchen staff might not have placed the slice of cheese in your fillet-o-fish burger symmetrically, but the last of the problems you would expect while dining in at a MacDonald’s restaurant is for the ceiling board to drop on you.

On Sunday (May 13), a section of the ceiling board at a McDonald’s restaurant in Block 538 Bedok North Street 3 fell on an unfortunate woman at about lunch time.


A spokesman for the company said that the restaurant staff immediately attended to the customer and called for an ambulance, which took her to the Accident and Emergency department at Changi General Hospital (CGH).


The restaurant’s senior operations executive had been with the customer and her family at the hospital until the doctor confirmed that she had not sustained any serious injuries and left the hospital.


Investigations were reported to have carried out immediately and the store had temporarily closed for business, before reopening at about 5pm later that day when it was determined safe to do so.


“We would like to assure all customers that building and customer safety are our top priorities and we are taking the necessary steps to prevent future occurrences,” said McDonald’s.



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