CHEAP Durians this month – Thanks to bumper crop in Malaysia

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Durian Lovers rejoice! Prices for the ‘King of fruits’ will be cheaper in coming months.

Although the usual durian season is from June to September, the hotter weather this month has resulted in a plentiful harvest, leading to cheaper prices.

Durian sellers across the island report that prices have fallen by as much as 40 per cent within a month.

Popular varieties of durian, like the Mao Shan Wang, are now going for $12 to $20 a kg, down from $20 to $28 last month and a drastic reduction from the highs of more than $40 last year.

Some sellers also predict that prices may drop even further during the middle of the year.

Others forecast that the prices may rebound back to normal soon, when more people gets wind of the price fall and demand rises.

Meanwhile, Singaporeans are enjoying the off-season bargain. “I’ll be sure to get some this weekend,” said Nabil Danil, 19. “I’m really excited as I can get more durian for less money.”

What are you waiting for? Get your durian fix today!

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