Does YOUR child have these 5 KEY traits that ensures SUCCESS in life?

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Parents yearn for successful children. Fact. Every parent desires for the success of their child. But the future is murky, uncertain. Who knows if one’s offspring would end up as the CEO of Goldman Sachs or a drug addict living hand-to-mouth?

Intriguingly, here are 5 traits that may be predictors of future success!

5. Good Social Skills

Good social skills extend beyond being able to make friends easily; it encompasses charisma, public speaking, team work, emotional understanding and the like. Socially competent children are not only better suited in roles of leadership, they are able to build rapport, be it with superiors or otherwise, that would be undoubtedly invaluable in a dog-eat-dog workplace.


Is your kid humble? Not only does this trait make your child more likeable, it paves the way for self-improvement. Humility indicates a willingness to admit one’s mistakes, an acknowledgement of one’s imperfections. As such, one’s quest for improvement never ceases; self-refinement then becomes your child’s credo. Lifelong learning is then free to commence. So if your kid gets cocky after scoring full marks on a measly spelling test…

3. High Self-Expectations

Does your kid have high self-expectations? Setting lofty goals for oneself may seem to be paving the way for disappointment, but in truth, it indicates that a child has set his sights far and is very much disposed to pushing himself to attain his goal.

2. Grit

Grit is not just about not giving up: it’s about not getting afraid of doing the dirty work. It’s about not going back to mama’s arms after losing in Little League. It’s determination, laser-focus, the will to see things through and getting back up after failure all rolled into one. The question is, does your child have grit?

1. Hunger

Not as in the literal hunger where your stomach growls, but a passion, a disposition that seems never truly satisfied. Yearning for new experiences, new challenges to keep them on their toes, these children have the best capacity for self-inflicted growth by actively seeking out hurdles to overcome. And what better way for children to truly learn grit, humility or develop social skills than to gain these skills from firsthand experiences?

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