Chopper-wielding chicken stall owner CHARGES at fruit seller at Holland Drive Market

The relationship between two friends turned sour when one charged at another while wielding a chopper.

At around 11 am on Tuesday (May 15), CCTV footage captured the 48-year-old, knife-wielding chicken stall owner advancing towards the 57-year-old fruit stall owner, Mr. Deng, in a market at 44 Holland Drive.


Having known each other for over 20 years, the pair were so close that the chicken stall owner would help Mr. Deng, who owns another vegetable stall, to deliver the vegetables from that stall to a restaurant along Bukit Timah.


However, from Mr. Deng’s recount, he felt that friction in their relationship arose when the chicken stall owner’s sister had felt that the vegetables were too heavy, and advised her brother not to transport them anymore- which he heeded.


Mr. Deng responded by not giving the chicken stall owner styrofoam boxes to pack chicken meat since then.

The incident on 15 May started when the chicken stall owner went over to Mr. Deng’s stall at around 10 am and started to shout at him.


Mr. Deng thought nothing about it but when he had just exited from the toilet, he saw the chicken stall owner with a chopper in his hand. He subsequently charged over and the sequence of events then played out as captured on the CCTV.



The fruit stall owner threw a chair at the chicken stall owner in self-defence and managed to restrain and pin him to the ground with the help of a few passers-by.


Fortunately, no injuries from the incident were reported.


The 48-year-old man has since been arrested and police investigations are ongoing.



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