Giving Out Lots of $50 Cash at Orchard Road: Circles Life is “The Guy” Behind #3DollarBaller

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So, yesterday saw the last day for the Cash Vending Machine by #3DollarBaller. Some people got to exchange $3 for $50 and obviously got very happy.

Have you gotten your $50 from $3 dollarballer?

For those who didn’t get the $47 top up, you can cheer up to some of the promises by #3DollarBaller.

“Watch this space tomorrow to see what $3 can get you!”

“Curious to find out who’s behind this? We’ll reveal it all 1 March 2018!”

While their website has still not revealed any information, there are some speculations going on.

Source: Marketing Interactive

Some online media speculates that it could be an event by Circles.Life, a digital telecommunications operator, launched in Singapore in May 2016.

For starters, you would realize that the colors on the vending machine seem to match those on the brand’s logo.

Furthermore, Circles.Life has also been known to utilize creative and novel marketing techniques, such as vandalizing their “competitor”‘s advertisements.

Source: Marketing Interactive

Circles.Life has confirmed that they are behind the #3dollarballer event.

The event was launched to hype up their new daily on-demand unlimited data plan with Whatsapp add-on.

The virtual telco, which leases from the M1 network, seems to solve the problem of unlimited data plan only being made available for those with deep pockets.

The company took shots at the other telco plans and saying that their competitor’s plans are “limiting the customers instead of empowering them”.

“Unlimited plans should not be limited to weekend usage, be throttled after hitting a small data cap or be tied to annual contracts. They also should not be available only to consumers with deep pockets,” it said in its press release.

Their new deal, which only costs $3 per day for unlimited data until 11:59pm on the same day, is ready to be purchased on their website and physical stores.

New subscribers who sign up in March will be able to try out the service free for one month, the service provider said. This is an extension of the “try-before-you-buy” model called Circles Switch it launched last October.

Circles.Life also announced their expansion plan into Indonesia by the second half of this year.

“Entry in Indonesia is unique because while many have tried, we are the only ones able to enter soon,” said Rameez Ansar, co-found and director. “That’s why to win in this market we believe we must start with the foundation of innovation and focus on the customer experience, addressing the needs of data savvy customers.”

The company plans to make it a “fully digital mobile platform” similar to what is offered in Singapore, without going into further details.

Their publicity stunt made on Wednesday, 28 Feb 2018, was a successful one even though it was shut down by the police.

The buzz it created has already served its purpose for Circles.Life, maybe that’s all they ever wanted in the first place? We may never know.

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Have you gotten your $50 from $3 dollarballer?

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