Circuit Breaker measures might be lifted when community cases fall to zero or single digits over sustained period

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Just in case you have lost complete track of time, Singapore’s Circuit Breaker Measures have been implemented since 7 April 2020.

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While some of us might have gotten used to staying at home, I’m sure a handful of us are constantly anticipating the moment where the Circuit Breaker measures will be fully lifted and we can roam the streets freely once again!

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According to Health Minister Gan Kim Yong, for Singapore to lift COVID-19 Circuit Breaker measures, the number of community cases daily should fall to zero or single digits over a sustained period of time.

Additionally, the number of migrant worker cases need to fall.

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Reopening of borders

With regard to the reopening of borders, Minister Gan said that the Government needs to make an assessment of the situation globally in order to decide on its approach in reopening Singapore’s borders.

According to Minister Gan, Singapore would review the rate of transmissions in other countries and what they have done to contain the spread.

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Singapore will start small and selectively for any reopening of borders.

Singapore will also continue to impose a mix of isolation and test requirements when borders are reopened.

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Now you may be wondering, how is Singapore going to prepare for the reopening of borders?

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Well, authorities are currently working with various private and public sector partners to further increase the testing capacity to up to 40,000 a day.

As of 6th May 2020, Singapore has conducted more than 140,000 tests for COVID-19, with the capacity to conduct more than 8,000 polymerase chain reaction tests per day.

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Minister Gan also mentioned that “We will also do more testing and monitoring to pick out asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic cases among priority groups such as nursing home residents and staff, to prevent clusters from developing. Testing is crucial, as risk of infection will increase when we allow more economic and social activities to resume.”

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With regards to asymptomatic testing, the authorities will and have started doing asymptomatic testing selectively, for priority groups, such as young children in the same household as COVID-19 patients.

More tests for essential services workers may also be done as businesses reopen.

We can also deploy tests for arrivals to reduce the risk of local transmission from imported cases, at our borders.

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Sewage testing

Singapore is currently conducting trials of sewage testing as well.

Minister Gan said that authorities are doing trials to see if they are able to pick up fragments to assess if particular locations have outbreaks.

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Minister Gan also shared updates regarding Singapore’s hospital capacity.

As of 2 May, the number of isolation beds has increased from around 550 in January to close to 1,500. NCID has also increased its capacity from about 100 to more than 500 negative pressure isolation beds in the same period.

Another 528 people have been diagnosed with Covid-19 in Singapore ...

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The public hospitals have also put in place plans to ensure that their infrastructure, equipment, medications as well as manpower are in place to add another 450 ICU beds by mid-May if needed.


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While the Singapore Government is doing its best for us to resume life as per normal as soon as possible, we should do our part as well!

Let’s avoid going out unnecessarily and should there be a need to go out do remember to wear your mask!

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