Coronavirus Daily Update 2020-02-11: 2 New Confirmed Cases, Total 45 in SG Now

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As of 11 February 2020, 10am, there are 45 confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Singapore. On 10 February 2020, there were 2 new confirmed cases.

The 44th confirmed case is a 37-year-old Singaporean man

  • 31 Jan 2020: developed symptoms
  • 2 Feb 2020: sought treatment at a GP clinic
  • 6 Feb 2020: visited Koo Tech Puat Hospital
  • 9 Feb 2020: tested Coronavirus positive
  • Lives at Sembawang Drive
  • Works at Certis Cisco Centre at 20 Jalan Afifi in Paya Lebar
  • Before developing symptoms, served quarantine orders on 2 people from Wuhan who subsequently tested Coronavirus positive
  • Was on duty at Chingay 2020 on 31 Jan 2020 and 1 Feb 2020

The 45th case is a 2-year-old Singaporean girl

  • 7 Feb 2020: admitted to KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital based on initial test results
  • 10 Feb 2020: tested Coronavirus positive
  • 1 of the 92 Singaporeans evacuated from Wuhan on 31 Jan 2020

Update of situation in China

  • 108 new deaths
  • 1016 deaths in total
  • 2478 new confirmed cases
  • 42 638 confirmed cases in total
  • Learn more about it here

Condition of confirmed patients in Singapore

  • 7 have recovered and been discharged
  • 7 are in critical condition

No evidence of transmission through aerosol

  • Based on evidence available in China, experts say there is currently no evidence that the virus can be transmitted through aerosol
  • Based on current research, transmission of the virus are via respiratory droplets and physical contact
  • Learn more here

Precautions for Foreign Domestic Workers (FDW) and Employers

  • For both the FDW and employer:
    • Wash hands frequently and properly
    • Cover one’s mouth and nose with a tissue when coughing/sneezing and dispose of it immediately
    • Avoid sharing food, utensils and personal items
    • If feeling unwell, wear a mask, see a doctor promptly
  • For the employer
    • Consider having everyone in the household take temperature twice daily
    • Minimise contact between an unwell FDW and those under her care
    • Monitor the health and temperature of children/elderly under your FDW’s care and watch for symptoms
  • Off-day arrangements
    • If FDW goes out: Advise her to avoid crowded places and contact with those who display flu-like symptoms
    • If FDW stays at home: Employers should not assign work to them
    • If FDW forgoes the off-day: Employers must provide compensation

Enhanced measures for Taxi and Private Hire Car passengers and drivers

  • Temperature screening
    • All taxi and private hire car (PHC) drivers advised to check their temperatures at least twice daily
    • Those unwell should see a doctor immediately
    • Drivers who don’t have a fever will receive a sticker indicating they’ve been checked
    • PHC operators will require drivers to take + submit temperature via mobile apps
    • LTA and driver associations will work with taxi/PHC operators to progressively set up temperature-taking stations for all taxi/PHC drivers
  • Masks
    • Passengers to be socially responsible and wear masks if unwell, before boarding taxis/ PHCs
    • Drivers to offer mask, if available, to unwell passengers without a mask, riding to seek medical attention
    • Government to contribute 300 000 masks for operators to distribute to active drivers

Charities facing crises

A huge part of staying safe is to have timely, up-to-date information. Join our telegram group for the latest update on the Wuhan virus and other important information here.

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