COVID-19 patients can test positive yet no longer be infectious

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In case you have been kept out of the loop, on 16 May, 18 COVID-19 positive patients were discharged.

Yes. You did not read that wrongly, they were tested positive yet discharged.

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Now before you freak out, they were only discharged after it was determined that they were no longer infectious to others.

You must now be wondering how did they determine if one is no longer infectious?

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Here’s how according to the Ministry Of Health (MOH).

The medical review committee considered each of these cases individually and determined that the patients are shedding dead viral components, detectable through the PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) test, but are no longer transmissible and infective to others.

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And you don’t have to worry much too, because the government is kiasu as well.

The discharged patients are required to be quarantined for an additional 7 days as a precautionary measure.

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Furthermore, a positive result does not represent the “full presence” of the virus, nor does it represent that the virus is still viable, according to Professor Leo in an interview with CNA.

Usually, after 10 days of the illness, the likelihood of a person successfully infecting another person is extremely low.

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Hence, the committee is sure that the 18 patients who had been discharged are no longer infectious as they had stayed at community care facility D’Resort for between 38 and 51 days before they were discharged.

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It is great to hear that an increasing amount of patients are being discharged, as this definitely hints to us that COVID-19 is a defeatable virus.

As long as we stay united, I am sure we can win this ‘fight’ soon enough!



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