Crazy human/traffic jams

Crazy human and traffic jams. Uncomfortable commutes aplenty!



Ever thought our traffic was bad? Wait until you see what happens in these countries.


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The 100 km traffic pile up lasted for 12 days and thousands of vehicle and people were stranded along the Beijing-Tibet Expressway.

The delay was caused by trucks carrying construction supplies into Beijing, most of them were ironically supposed to be used to ease traffic, were blocked at the exit, causing the jam.

Roadworks, accidents and broken down cars restricted attempts to redirect traffic.

Street vendors started popping up and selling their wares at exorbitant prices.

Any refusal was met with threats and even physical violence.

400 police officers were dispatched to control the road rage and violence that might erupt at any moment.



Image via businessinsider

Image via businessinsider

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Being the 2nd most populous country in the world, India hits figures of 1.3 billion and projected to dethrone china’s position as
the most populated country in 2022.

23 million passengers ride the rails daily. 11,000 trains operate daily in India.

Around 7,000 commuters have died after falling from running trains in the last 10 years in addition to 22,000 who died while crossing train tracks.

Bangladesh has reputedly the world’s most crowded trains, with train surfing a common sight. People hang off the sides or lounge on top, seemingly very comfortable.



Image by Alamy

Tokyo Compression. Credits: Michael Wolf

Tokyo Compression. Credits: Michael Wolf



While Japan does not experience the severity of congestion like in India or China, it would be a mistake not to include the iconic “pusher” at their train stations.

Their task is to squeeze as many people on board as possible, even when it seems nigh impossible.

Hopefully, we wouldn’t complain as much whenever we experience traffic jams on the road or squeezing onto the MRT.

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