CUTEST Floating Playground near Singapore, Happy Beach Cebu

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Hey people~ Recently I chanced upon an interesting place so I thought I would share it with you all. Located in Cebu at Tambuli Beach lies the happiest place on earth A.K.A Paradise. It is called the Happy Beach. Happy Beach is home to the Happiest Floating Playground in Asia. The Happy Beach is a boutiqe resort in Philippines created by the same creators of inflatable unicorn island at Zambales Philippines. To outdo their previous creation Happy Beach is born.

The newest, most colorful and trendy beach resort in Mactan is opening this DECEMBER 15, 2018! “Happy Beach Cebu” will feature the iconic ‘Pink Bali Lounge’ and the world-famous ‘Unicorn Island’! This 16-room boutique resort will be adorned by the “Pink Bali Beach”, the happiest floating playground in Asia. The newest installation called the “Happy Jungle Lounge” is hailed to be the next Instagram paradise, the blue waters of Mactan island, and more pink than you can ever imagine. You are required to purchase a Beach Pass to enjoy their facilities. Let’s take a look at what they have!!!!

Pink Pool

For those who fantasize being surrounded by pink, take a dip in this pink themed swimming pool!!


Rainbow lounges galore

The most instagram-worthy beach galore in the world in my opinion!!


Colorful cabanas

Float around the sea on the pink flamingo and enjoy the cooling sea breeze!!!


Unicorn Island

Enter the mythical floating island filled with cute bubbly Unicorn floats!!

This is definitely a dream come true for unicorn lovers!


Bali Lounge

Facing the Inflatable Island, Take a break, chill and watch others having fun on the island.


Inflatable Island

Asia’s biggest inflatable island on water. Lots of fun games for you to try out. Just be careful not to fall into the sea!

Leap off their Happy Swing and dive into the clear blue waters. How intriguing!!!

Become an Olympic diver and show off your fancy diving skills.


Even the design of their rooms is well thought of. Matching the overall color theme!! Feels like staying in a fairy tale!!! All of their rooms are equipped with 1 Queen Sized Bed, 1 Double Deck and 1 queen sized pull-out bed. It can accommodate up to 6 person comfortably!


Here’s how to get to this delicate fairy land.

  • Fly to Mactan-Cebu International Airport.
  • Take a 30-minute taxi ride to Angasil Port.
  • Ride their Happy Boats and cruise around Cebu’s restaurants, shops and landmarks to reach the resort.

Here is a map for your reference!!

Take a look at their Happy Boat!! I am delighted just by looking at it!!


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