Cyclist in intensive care after hit by reckless driver

A old cyclist was crossing the zebra-crossing, but was unfortunately hit by a reckless driver that could not slow down in time.

The cyclist was conscious after the accident and rushed to the National University Hospital.

The police are investigating the incident which happened at the zebra-crossing along Jalan Bahar, exiting from PIE.

In the video, the cyclist raises his hand before cycling across the zebra crossing before a silver Toyota hits him.

As seen in this video, the cyclist has given enough signal before crossing but a silver Toyota still hits him.

“In the video my dad has clearly raised his hand to signal his intention to cross the road. The car which captured the accident stopped and gave way to him,” Mr Tham Yiep Soon, the cyclist’s soon wrote.

“My priority now is to have my dad recover well as he is in ICU (intensive care unit) now.”

The Road Traffic (Pedestrian Crossings) Rules also mandates that the driver that attempts to drive across a zebra crossing must stop and give way to the cyclists.

A screen grab from the mandate
A screen grab from the mandate

The driver is solely at fault here as he clearly did not check for safety, and did not reducing his speed, before attempting to travel past the zebra-crossing.

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