Daily Update 2020-05-27: 383 New Cases, Total 32,343 cases in SG Now

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As of 27 May 2020, 10 am, there are 32,343 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Singapore. On 26 May 2020, there were 383 new confirmed cases.

According to MOH, 381 cases are work permit holders living in dormitories, while 0 is a work permit holder living outside dormitories.

of the remaining cases are community cases.

Credit: CNA

Another 706 cases have been discharged

  • On 26 May, 706 patients were discharged
  • A total of 16,444 have fully recovered from the infection
  • There are currently 585 confirmed cases that are still in the hospital.
  • Most cases in the hospital are stable or improving,
  • A total of 15,291 are isolated and cared for at community facilities.
  • 8 are in critical condition in the intensive care unit

MOH released a list of public places visited by COVID-19 cases

  • For the first time, on 25 May 2020, MOH released this list providing us with information on when and where the community cases visited during their infectious period.
  • People who have visited these places during the specified timings should monitor their health closely for 14 days from the date of their visit.
  • MOH said the list will be updated on a rolling 14-day basis, which covers one incubation period.

Jurong Point visited by confirmed COVID-19 cases MOH

Credit: CNA

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