Daily Update 2020-06-09: 386 New Cases, Total 38,296 cases in SG Now

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As of 9 June 2020, 10 am, there are 38,296 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Singapore. On 8 June 2020, there were 386 new confirmed cases.

According to MOH, 384 cases are work permit holders living in dormitories, while 0 are work permit holders living outside dormitories.

of the remaining cases are community cases.

Overall, the number of new cases in the community has increased, from an average of three cases per day in the week before to an average of nine per day in the past week.

Singapore covid cases Jun 8

Credit: CNA

4 New Clusters

  • A migrant worker dormitory at 216 Tagore Lane
  • A migrant worker dormitory at 9B Tech Park Crescent
  • A migrant worker dormitory at 16 Tech Park Crescent
  • A migrant worker dormitory at 115 Tuas View Walk 1

Another 482 cases have been discharged

  • On 8 June, 482 patients were discharged
  • A total of 25,368 have fully recovered from the infection
  • There are currently 269 confirmed cases that are still in the hospital.
  • Most cases in the hospital are stable or improving,
  • A total of 12,634 are isolated and cared for at community facilities.
  • are in critical condition in the intensive care unit

Public places visited by COVID-19 patients during infectious period

Before being tested positive for COVID-19, there are a few places that COVID-19 patients visited. Please take note of the places, and if you happen to be at the same place and time as the patients, please monitor your health for the next 2 weeks.

If any symptoms show up, please visit a doctor promptly.

full list moh

Credit: MOH

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