DBS hiring more than 2000 people for new positions now!

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During this recession, we see news of people being retrenched and losing jobs. However, DBS has announced that they are planning to hire more than 2000 new employees into the company.

About 1000 of the positions are newly created. DBS is looking to fire both fresh graduates and experienced professionals 🙂

What kind of jobs are open in DBS?

The jobs seem to be more directed to technology-based jobs, like UX/UI, data science, fraud detection compliance, as well as consumer and institutional banking technology.

DBS is also focusing on education and training its new employees in areas such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, full stack development and data analytics through a range of specialised talent development programmes.

DBS also plans to hire another 1000 people across different departments.

DBS is also continuing its apprenticeship programme, where they train more than 400 interns.

DBS said that it is interested in doing its part to “avoid having a lost generation of young graduates in Singapore whose career prospects are jeopardised because they are unable to find jobs due to recession”.

As a key employer in Singapore, DBS is one of the few companies that did not lay off any of its employees during this recession.

Any other companies hiring now?

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Although not many companies, there are still a few still hiring new employees. Check them out!

Other than part-time jobs, these companies are looking to hire full-timers:

  1. Amazon
    • WIth online shopping rising in popularity since everyone is stuck at home now, it is no surprise that Amazon is looking for new people to join the big family!
    • The following positions are still open:
      • Marketing Manager
      • Product Manager – International Store
      • Procurement Operations Analyst
      • Supply Chain Program Manager
      • Senior Product Manager – Delivery
      • Senior Accounts Executive
  2. Fairprice
    • Other than the positions that are always advertised like cashiers, Fairprice is also looking for suitable people to fill these positions:
      • Strategist (Fresh & Frozen Product Category)
      • Executive (FairPrice On – Campaigns & Promotions)
      • Customer Analyst
  3. TikTok
    • If you haven’t heard of TikTok yet, please catch up!! This up and coming app allows people to enjoy different kinds of videos that will keep you occupied for hours!
    • This growing company is looking for people to fill these positions:
      • Product Marketing Manager, TikTok Ads
      • Communication Specialist
      • Creative Director of SEA
      • HR Operations Consultant
      • Go-to-Market Lead, Ads
      • Ads Integrity Strategy Lead
  4. Razer Inc
    • Other than giving out free masks to help Singapore through this difficult period, Razer is also hiring!!
    • If you find that you are suitable for these positions, do apply:
      • Community Specialist – Global
      • Digital Marketing Manager – Razer.com
      • Product Evangelist (Gear & Apparel)
      • Marketing Executive (RazerStore)
      • Sourcing Manager
      • Associate Director, Marketing
  5. Foodpanda
    • I’m sure you have ordered your lunch or dinner from Foodpanda at least 10 times this CB. This just shows the popularity of Foodpanda and the need for more manpower to meet the demand 😉
    • These positions are available:
      • Product Specialist, APAC
      • Digital Payments Lifecycle Management Lead, APAC
      • Supply Marketing Manager, APAC
      • PR & Communications Manager, APAC
      • Performance Marketing Manager (Social), APAC
      • Head of Shared Kitchens & Brands
  6. Lazada
    • Another online shopping giant, Lazada is hiring a number of positions:
      • Manager, Campaign Management (General Merchandise)
      • Regional Manager Brand Mega Offer (Operation Optimization)
      • Lead Android Engineer – Vertical Experience Team
      • Engineering Manager
      • Regional Manager Flash Sales Campaign Planning
      • Regional Senior Vice President, Home Appliance and TV Category
  7. Johnson & Johnson
    • Do you know that J&J had selected a lead candidate vaccine for COVID-19 that would move to human trials by September and could be ready for emergency use by early next year?
    • With such big projects in progress, J&J is looking for talented potential employees to join them:
      • Product Manager
      • HR Leader, Medical Devices, Asia Pacific
      • Clinical Specialist
      • Assistant Manager, Deliver Quality & Compliance
      • Manager, Clinical Services
      • Associate Director, Regulatory Policy Lead APAC

These are a few of the bigger companies that are hiring now despite the ongoing recession. We hope that this article is insightful and hopefully enlighten anyone!!

A huge part of staying safe is to have timely, up-to-date information. Join our telegram group for the latest update on COVID-19 and other important information here.

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