Deadpool 2 coming soon: Check out what you need to know

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For a very long time, Deadpool’s sequel was untitled. It was simply known as “The Untitled Deadpool Sequel”. However, MovieLord, a film lover and a writer for ComicBookMovie, has confirmed that the sequel will be called “Deadpool 2”.

Deadpool 2 is scheduled to be in cinemas on 17th May 2018. Let us watch the trailer first.

As expected of Deadpool to break the 4th wall and communicate with the audience (or the directors in this case). We will first take a look at a few characters:

  • Cable

Well, the trailer started off by giving a short introduction to Cable and so you should know who I am referring to. But in case you don’t

Screenshot from Trailer

This is Cable

It seems that this half cyborg is the main villain in the movie. His history is a bit long and it may be introduced in the movie so I am not spoiling it here. But trust me, he is strong.

For those MCU fans wondering where you might have seen the actor before, you may want to think towards the line of something big and purple?

Thanos, the big purple guy


  • Domino

I am not really sure how to describe this character’s power…she is just super lucky? Basically, she has a special subconscious telekinetic ability that changes things in her environment to best work out in her favour.

Deadpool's Domino

It will be interesting to see how this power is portrayed on screen.

  • Vanessa Carlysle, or Copycat

Deadpool's Love Interest

That smile…

In Deadpool, we saw the relationship between Wade Wilson and Vanessa. She was a key factor in Wade Wilson’s transformation into Deadpool.

According to the comic book, Vanessa is actually a mutant called Copycat with the ability to shapeshift (Quite similar to Mystique?). It is confirmed by the screenwriters that they were still considering making the character more like her comic book counterpart, so there is a chance we get to see Copycat in this film.

  • Negasonic Teenage Warhead

This character did not play a huge role back in Deadpool. She only had a relatively small support role, together with Colossus and she is likely unhappy with that.

NSTW in Deadpool 2

Kids, turn your head away

She returns to Deadpool 2 with a seemingly bigger role and it is exciting to see what role she plays this time. A small support role again? Or Deadpool’s Knight in Shining Armour.

  • Dopinder

I am not really sure if you remember who this guy is…

Your friendly neighbourhood taxi driver

Admittedly. Dopinder played an even smaller role than Negasonic Teenage Warhead but provided us with the humorous breather among all the fast-paced actions. But this time, Dopinder is done playing Mr Nice Guy…

He literally went from “Hello sir, it is nice to meet you” to “Your daughter calls me Daddy too”

Well, that is all we actually need to know about the Deadpool 2 casts. There are not much interesting fan theories buzzing around so… Wait, actually there is an interesting one.

Remember the “No Good Deed” short film?

Well, there was a fan who hypothesized that the old man was actually Ben Parker or better known as Uncle Ben from Spiderman.

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