Re-purpose your LiHo’s cups instead of throwing them away

I don’t know about you, but I was smitten with Liho’s cup design the moment I lay my hands on it. From the clear plastic cup to the little dainty heart stopper at the top. Suddenly a whirl of creative DIYs just came into my mind and here are some ideas that anyone can try during the weekend!

Makeup Storage Container

Photo Credits: Pinterest


The sturdy clear plastic cup can hold makeup pencils, brushes, cotton balls or even mini samples. Each lid can be taken off and spray paint with different colours to suit your room decor or table aesthetics.


LiHo’s Plastic Cups, Animal Toys, Spray Paint Primer and Paint of your colour choice and Glue.

Photo Credits: Bangonstyleblog
Photo Credits: Bangonstyleblog
Photo Credits: Bangonstyleblog



  1. Wash and Dry your Cups
  2. Spray Primer on to Lids and Animal Toy
  3. Spray desired Colours onto both Lids and Animal Toys
  4. When all is dry, stick the Animal Toy to the Lid
  5. Finish!

Glitter-Dipped Cups

Photo Credits: Evite


Drinking from a normal cup can be boring sometimes, that is why we need to mix things up is by mixing glitter and glue to coat your empty LiHo’s Cup.


LiHo’s Plastic Cups, Adhesive spray or White Glue, Glitter of your choice (Holo, glitter and chrome dust are all great choices!).

Photo Credits: Evite



Tip: Wear latex gloves to keep your hands clean.
Tip: Pour glitter over a plastic or paper plate, then use the collected glitter for your next cup.

  1. In a well-ventilated area, spray the bottom of your cup with adhesive.
  2. Pour glitter onto sprayed area of the cup.
  3. You only need to let your cups dry for about three to five minutes before they’re ready for use.

Washi Tape Cups

Photo Credits: I Spy DIY


Adhesive spray can be hard to find and not to mention expensive. Glitter is also a mess! But when the DIY bug bites, there is absolutely no cure. How? Washi Tape! All you have to get are these decorative tapes that is bound to make anything look exquisite!


LiHo’s Plastic Cups, Washi tape and Scissors

Photo Credits: I SPY DIY



  1. Measure out Washi Tape to your desired length
  2. Cut and you are done!

That is all folks! If you do try it out, please comment down the section below and if you got inspired, share it with your friends on social media! Till next time! 😉

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