Doctor CHARGED for RAPE and MOLEST, allegedly committed offences during medical examination

What she thought to be her medical check up had turned into a case of sexual assault. The victim, she who must not be named (due to gag order), accused Wee Teong Boo, 67, the doctor at the medical clinic she frequented, of rape.

In a closed-door court trial on Apr 30, 2018, the victim testified that on Dec 30, 2015, she, then 23, visited Wee’s clinic in Bedok at about 11.30pm. She had felt itch in her genitals and frequent urination and went to consult him.


While conducting the checks, he laid the victim down and asked her to lift her T-shirt for him to examine her abdomen. Thereafter, he pulled the victim’s shorts down and rubbed her private parts over her underwear, asking if that was where was itchy.


The general practitioner then asked her to lower her shorts and underwear further in order to check her private parts. She pulled them to thigh level, but he proceeded to remove them completely.


Wee then positioned the victim such that he was between her legs. According to the prosecution, prior to feeling a poking sensation in her genitals, the victim heard the sound of a zipper. She then saw Wee’s body moving forward and backward with each poking sensation.


When she complained of pain, Wee repositioned her again. It was then that she saw him with his trousers unzipped and realised he was raping her. In shock, she gestured Wee to stop. He let go of her, turned around, and she heard the sound of a zipper.


After she quickly got dressed, Wee had the gall to continue briefing her about her prescribed medicine. She later went to the clinic’s bathroom and realised she was bleeding.


Upon her arrival at home, the victim later, while taking a shower, felt pain and continued to find bloodstains throughout the night.


The victim’s mother found her daughter tossing in bed in the early hours of the morning and after hearing what happened at the clinic, they made a police report later that day, on 31 Dec 2015.


When the victim went to consult a gynaecologist, the medical examination found two small superficial wounds in her genital area and a fresh hymenal tear. She was also in so much pain that the gynaecologist could not conduct further tests with a medical tool.


Apparently, this wasn’t the first sexually-harassing experience the victim encountered with Wee.


A month before this incident, Wee had also rubbed the victim’s private parts over her underwear while examining her for gastric discomfort. While the victim felt uneasy, she did not voice her discomfort. Perhaps out of naivety, she assumed it was part of the medical examination and trusted Wee, who she had been seeing for about a year.


Wee Teong Boo faces charges of rape and molest, both of which he denies, and if charged with rape, he would face a 20-year jail term and a fine.



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