Dog abused and dies on United Airlines flight

United Airlines makes headlines once again, and not for the right reasons. A little dog has died on United flight 1284, after being placed in the overhead bin for the duration of the flight.

The dog’s owner was pressured by a flight attendant to place her pet in the overhead storage during the 3.5 hours flight.

According to fellow passengers, the woman requested to place the carrying case under her seat, but the flight assistant insisted.

United Airlines has issued a formal apology, and has called the incident “a tragic accident that should never have occurred”.

However, the family has only been refunded the costs of their tickets and the pet cabin fee.

United airlines in the news

This not the first time United Airlines is under fire for their poor customer service.

Back in April last year, the company found itself in a social media firestorm after its security detail brutally dragged a passenger off a plane.

In fact, United has also come under scrutiny for its treatment of animals on flights.

In August last year, they were sued after one of the largest rabbits in the world died on one of its flights.

It also has highest animal deaths of any U.S. airline.

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