Don’t use phone while using the toilet

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A Chinese man was recently admitted to a hospital in Guangdong, China. His case? A prolapsed rectum from playing a mobile phone game on the toilet for about 30 minutes. I will save you the trouble of googling the meaning of prolapse.

Yes, it basically means his rectum slipped out of his body. Doctors reported that there was a 16cm long “tail” coming out from the man’s anus. The”tail” is actually his rectum.

Source: dailymail

This is perhaps a real-life case that parents can share with their children who love to spend hours in the toilet. The man’s rectal muscles were already weak since he had suffered rectal prolapses from when he was still young. His habit of sitting on the toilet for prolonged durations did not help his case either.

This issue is more likely to occur in elderly and young children. Women are also more likely to suffer from it as compared to men.

Here are some ways to help prevent the issue:

  • Eat more fruits and vegetables to have a smoother delivery and avoid straining too hard
  • Avoid reading books or using phones while on the toilet
  • Elderly with weak sphincter muscles should perform Kegel exercises twice a day
  • Seek early treatment or check-ups should something feels amiss


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