Double Standards or Are Netizens just Making a Big Fuss

Valentine’s Day just passed on the 14th Feb and many couples around the world were celebrating it. Singles? Well, they saw it as Singles Awareness Day (S.A.D.)…Tap here if you really need a partner to meet your high standards.

Jokes aside, some people were bound to have forgotten about preparing their gift(s) for their partner. Luckily for them, one girl decided to take advantage of this and sold some flowers.

Source: The Straits Times

However, this act was criticised by many netizens who came across this photo. They believe that this girl is breaking the law as she does not have a license to operate her sales. In case you don’t know, one needs to have a license if selling goods to strangers in public. Here are some of the criticism thrown at her.

The netizens are comparing her act with those of elderly selling tissue packets to earn a living. With NEA often penalising the elderly, they will find it extremely unfair should NEA choose not to fine this girl.


Luckily for the girl, there are also netizens on her side.

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