Downtown Line hit by signalling faults on Thursday morning, May 24

Perhaps the reason for being late to your morning appointments could be attributed to a signalling fault at Tampines station along Downtown Line (DTL) 3 in the east that caused delays for commuters along the entire line on Thursday morning (May 24).

(In photo: An overcrowded Bukit Panjang station on the DTL)


The trains were reportedly still moving, albeit at a lower speed. Train service had been delayed due to a glitch at Tampines West station.


Despite the disruption, the social media pages of the DTL operator, SBS Transit, did not indicate or show updates that a fault was ongoing that period. The public then (surprisingly) took their complaints to social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.



In light of the incident, SBS Transit has since apologised to commuters in a post on Facebook for not issuing any alerts, adding that it is investigating the cause of the fault with the Land Transport Authority (LTA) and its vendor.



When asked for her comments, Yvelyn Tan, a 31-year-old marketing manager, said she was on a train travelling from Tampines East to MacPherson when it stopped suddenly and gave a concise recount of her arduous journey.


“Because the train was so packed, there wasn’t much space to ‘fly’ but I still ended up stepping on a lady’s feet and almost fell. Within five minutes, the train jam-braked a second time. I kept checking SBS Transit’s Facebook page to find out the extent of the train fault, but there was no announcement at all. Would I need to obtain a document from SBS to validate this train fault so I can let my boss know there was indeed a train fault that resulted in my being late?”


Last Saturday (May 19), about 90 passengers on the Bukit Panjang LRT had also been stranded between stations for about half an hour before they had to disembark and walk on the tracks to the nearest station.



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