Drown by balls

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City Square Mall, Singapore’s first eco-mall, opened near Farrer Park MRT station has an unique and interesting entertainment platform. Introducing AIRZONE, the world’s first “suspended playground”.

Source: AIRZONE facebook

As fun as it seems, AIRZONE almost had to close down shortly after it was open…since one woman claimed to almost drown in it. Read her post below.

A Short Summary:

Bloggers Vivien and John Low, who run a parenting blog, wanted to bring their son to experience this new entertainment ground. Mrs Low decided to accompany her child into the ball pit.

However, she lost her balance and fell into the ball pit and was trapped inside. She could not regain her balance nor find any support to pull herself up. She eventually managed to grab someone’s hand to find her footing.

Some Complains:

  • The ball pit had too much balls

Mrs Low believe that one reason she was “drowning” was due to the sheer abundance of balls inside the pit. Although she was 1.72m tall, the depth of the balls reached up to her armpit when she stood straight.

  • More adult supervision needed

She believes that there is not enough supervision at the moment since it took quite a while for any permanent staff to spot her. She advise other parents to accompany their child into the ball pit.


Thankfully, Mrs Low is not the type to complain too much just because of a “small” incident. She admits that she will not stop her child from playing inside and even brought her child back for a second round. The only action she will take is to let her husband accompany her child instead.    


Furthermore, AIRZONE has also issued an apologize swiftly, ensuring that they will take more precaution, highlighting their efficiency and willingness to listen to feedbacks. They promise to review the number of balls in the pit and their permanent staff.

and Mr Low’s response suggest he is quite chill with the issue.

This is how you do a feedback post and how you handle customer feedback guys! (Hint hint)

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