Drug trafficking syndicate busted as ring leader arrested in Punggol

On Tuesday, 6 Mar 2018, a pre-dawn operation in Punggol busted a local drug trafficking syndicate, arrested 5 suspects.

Some of the drugs seized during the operation.

The operation arrested a man who was believed to be the ringleader of the syndicate, along with the other four suspected drug offenders, said Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) on Wednesday.

CNB commented that the drugs seized from the location were worth more than S$166,000, containing 1,375 grams of Ice, 548 Erimin-5 tablets, 413 Ecstasy tablets, 275g of cannabis, 72g of ketamine and 2g of heroin.

The operation began when a CNB officer on the lookout spotted the suspected ringleader, 34, driving along Punggol Drive area. His associate, a 38-year-old Singaporean man, was seen driving a second car with two passengers, a 45-year-old man and 37-year-old woman.

CNB said that during the arrest, the ringleader managed to escape in his car which they tracked down near Tebing Lane, he was subsequently arrested under a bridge along Punggol Promenade Riverside Walk.

The suspect dumped two packets containing 1kg of Ice along his escape route, and another 243g of Ice, 516 516 Erimin-5 tablets, 390 Ecstasy pills and 200g of cannabis were later found in his home.

Three other suspects in the second car were arrested on the spot, uncovering 70 g of cannabis, 50 g of Ice, 2g of heroin, 23 Erimin-5 tablets, 2g of ketamine, two Ecstasy tablets and drug utensils from their homes and hideouts.

A follow-up operation then arrested a fifth suspect, a 42-year-old Singaporean man, in his home at Punggol Field. 82g of Ice, 70g of ketamine, 21 Ecstasy tablets, nine Erimin-5 pills and about 5g of cannabis were from his home seized.

Further investigations might uncover more suspects from the syndicate.

CNB said that the arrested syndicate was capable of distributing “a significant amount of drugs” to the local market, and amount of Ice seized alone could feed the addiction of 786 abusers for a week.

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