E-bike riding uncle JAILED five weeks for assaulting another pedestrian

Just as how most fights are started, a misunderstanding between two elderly men could not stop the aggressor of the two raining punches on the other.

(In photo: Mr. Yue Kim Ming)


On May 18 last year, Yue Kim Ming, 63, had been riding his electric bicycle along the stretch of Hougang Avenue 7 at speeds between 30-40 km/h- even though the speed limit for e-bikes is 25 km/h, where he encountered Mr Chang Yong Peo, 69, and his wife while they were crossing the road.


Despite traffic signals being against his favour, he repeatedly sounded his horn as he sped towards them. As Yue was passing, Mr Chang raised his hands to prevent a plastic bag he was holding from hitting him.


Thinking Mr Chang had hit him, Yue got off his bicycle and shouted aggressively at him.


“As the victim did not hit the accused at all, the victim, puzzled by the accused’s actions, asked the accused what his problem was,” said Deputy Public Prosecutor Grace Chua, from what she understood.


Perhaps enraged, Yue punched Mr. Chang in the face and chest and did not restrain his punches even after Mr. Chang fell to the ground. He also pulled Mr Chang’s wife away when she tried to intervene.


Eventually, two passers-by helped Mr Chang pull Yue away.


Mr Chang reportedly suffered facial injuries and chest pains.

(In photo: Mr. Chang Yong Peo)

On Wednesday (May 2), the Court sentenced Yue to five weeks’ jail for the assault. His lawyer, Mr Sarbrinder Singh, in mitigation, said Yue had acted out of character and was remorseful. He also urged the court to impose a fine or a short jail term, adding that Yue has offered a letter of apology and monetary compensation to Mr Chang.


Yue could have been jailed for six months and fined $2,500 for committing a rash act. For voluntarily causing hurt, he could have been jailed for two years and fined $5,000.



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