E-scooters soon require mandatory registration with LTA

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Mr Lam Pin Min, Senior Minister of State for Transport, announced that all e-scooter owners will soon have to register with the Land Transport Authority (LTA), and have an identification sticker pasted prominently on the registered device.

Dr Lam announced at the Committee of Supply debate that the Government has positioned itself to mandate the registration of e-scooters through the Active Mobility Advisory Panel’s recommendation.

3,000 tickets had been issued to users who rode e-scooters in an unsafe manner since May 2016.

“Registering e-scooters will help deter reckless behaviour, accord more responsibility to the users, and facilitate enforcement officers in tracking down errant users,” he said.

The cost of registration was said to be kept as low as possible, in comparison to the COE.

LTA has announced that the scheme will be launched by the second half of 2018, and more details will be given out when it is ready.

The general guideline for e-scooter to be deemed road-safe will be as follows:
1. Weight of the e-scooter excluding the load must not exceed 20kg.
2. Width must not exceed 70cm.
3. Maximum speed must not exceed 25km/h.

This registration regime will not be applied to devices such as electric hoverboard and unicycles, due to their low speed.

LTA will monitor the situation for improvements to be made moving forward.

They will weigh the impact of these initiatives against the large majority of responsible users, and the necessary adjustments needed for the inconsiderate minorities.

“Our tough stance targets the minority of reckless users to deter bad behaviour. It should not discourage the majority of responsible and considerate users from enjoying the benefits of active mobility,” Dr Lam said.


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