Eden Ang saga continues – 2 new victims and RAPE accusations

Almost a month on since the first alleged victim of Eden Ang accused him of sexual harassment, there have been major developments to the saga.

This time, two new victims have accused Eden Ang of – not just sexual harassment – but also rape.

And…a formal police report has been lodged by one of the victims.

The plot thickens.


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Eden Ang has been accused of sexually harassing at least three women so far:

1) His 18-year old personal assistant, who he allegedly forced to strip down to her lingerie and “smacked her ass”
2) A then 18-year old gymnast, whom he allegedly stalked on Facebook and sent lewd messages such as “I can see your pubic hair”.
3) Mediacorp artiste Melissa Faith Yeo, whom he repeatedly demanded go to his house in spite of her refusal to do so.

Fourth Victim speaks out

Last Friday (23 Feb), a fourth alleged victim of Eden Ang took matters into her own hands – directly lodging a police report against Eden Ang.

Though she did not explicitly accuse Eden Ang of rape, it is insinuated as she mentioned they had non-consensual sex in her statement.

From our understanding, she approached Singapore media company Ricemedia and this is her police statement.

The summary of the 1500-word statement is as follows (warning – some graphic description):

The woman in question met Eden Ang back in 2015 through work. After a few days, Ang began making advances towards her, and repeatedly requested her to visit his house.

Although she initially refused him, she eventually relented as Ang wanted to “talk about work” at his house.

Eden ang
Eden Ang, Singaporean YouTuber – doesn’t quite have the appearance of someone who would rape a woman.

After a few visits to his house, Ang began touching her inappropriately – hugging her, reaching up her skirt and even touching her buttocks.

Eventually, Ang coerced her into letting him take nude pictures of her – which she agreed to because she “felt lost and confused” and Ang was “very fierce”.

She also stated that Ang had made her question herself whether she was “too conservative or sensitive”.

Everything escalated when one time at his house, Ang brought her to his bedroom and started fingering her, telling her “I know you want it”.

She responded with “don’t want la” and told him she was a virgin, but Ang told her: ‘It’s okay, let me teach you how to do it, let the master teach you. You must try; if you never try, you won’t know how good it is.’

Image result for eden ang
Eden Ang, self-proclaimed ‘sex master’

Thereafter, she tried to stop him from fingering her, but he pushed her down and penetrated her.

During the whole ordeal, she felt immense pain and repeatedly tried to push him off, but, “he just kept going, did not stop, and carried on penetrating me. He repeated, ‘You have to go on; if you don’t go on, it’ll be more painful.’ While doing this, he removed the rest of my clothes.”

Not long after the incident happened, the woman in question refused to have sex with Eden again and had an argument with him, and has not spoken to him since then.

No screenshots or images were submitted to the media company which published her statement, presumably because police investigations of her report are still ongoing.

Fifth Victim

A fifth victim, a 29-year old freelance model, also approached the same media company about her experiences with Ang.

While she was not raped by Ang, her experiences with Ang was in strikingly similar fashion as the previous accounts, at least from screenshots of her text messages.

At least, all accounts thus far have corroborated the Eden Ang clearly has a fetish for G-strings.

The model met Eden Ang back in 2015, where Ang introduced himself as a professional photographer.

Text abstract of text message exchange between her and Ang.

Ang requested her to do a provocative shoot, and suggested she where a ‘G’ – short for G-string.

Ang called himself her “boss”, and called her “Mei” – mandarin for “younger sister”, and fiercely requested she obeyed his orders.

In a similar manner, the text messages eventually devolved into blatant requests for sex.

Apparently, Ang had a girlfriend at the time he solicited sex from the model in question. The model, naturally, refused the question.

The were other incidences of outrages of modesty by Ang towards her, such as touching her leg on a cab to “feel her physique”, and repeatedly requesting her to do nude shoots.


While there has been considerable evidence, all of which support one another, towards the case against Eden Ang, it might nevertheless be hard for a police report to be successful.

Two huge problems therein these accusations are:

1) Lack of sufficient irrefutable evidence (only a few have the text messages to back up their accounts)

2) The time elapsed from the moment of abuse till lodging a police report – most of the abuse incidents happened at least 2-3 years ago.

Of course, Ang’s cult of celebrity, especially with tens of thousands of ardent fans online, would make any coming out against him difficult, hence the delay in accusations might be understandable.

Hopefully, the police will make a fair and thorough investigation of the issue, and those at fault will face the music they deserve.

What is the #MeToo movement?

#MeToo is a hashtag movement inspired by the multiple high profile sexual misconduct allegations against Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein. It is meant to empower women who have experienced any form of sexual abuse to speak out against it on any preferred platform, and eradicate the sense of stigma, shame and personal blame often tied to the experience.

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