Eden Ang Saga – THIRD Woman Breaks Silence

Almost 2 weeks after a second woman spoke out against local Youtube-personality Eden Ang for allegedly sexually abusing her, a third woman has broken her silence on her experiences with him.

If you are unaware of the entire fuss surrounding this saga, you can read what has happened so far here:

Eden Ang Sexual Harassment – SECOND VICTIM Speaks Out


Eden Ang has been accused of sexually harassing two women so far:

1) His 18-year old personal assistant, who he allegedly forced to strip down to her lingerie and “smacked her ass”

2) A then 18-year old gymnast, whom he allegedly stalked on Facebook and sent lewd messages such as “I can see your pubic hair”.

The third Woman Breaks Silence

Just as we thought the hoo-hah over Eden Ang and his alleged victims was over, a somewhat high-profile woman has decided to speak out.

Melissa Faith Yeo, a model-turned MediaCorp actress, has come out with her experiences with him, in defence of the two other alleged victims.

“Ok, enough is enough”

While the actress did not accuse Eden Ang of any physical sexual harassment, she gave pretty concrete evidence strengthening the case against him.

In a series of screenshots of text messages, she cemented the perception of Ang’s personality as perverse, chauvinistic, and someone who lacks the ability to comprehend social cues.


Eden Ang contacted Melissa Yeo suddenly
Eden Ang started acting weird?
Melissa Yeo’s friend took over at 1:33 AM
Eden Ang doesn’t seem to get the message

As an actress with many more years of experience in the field then Ang, who was a relative newbie at the time, she found Ang’s approach particularly brazen.

It was also apparent to her that his online persona of religiousness and a squeaky-clean image was but a facade.

She also gave a brief recount of one of her friends who was molested by Eden Ang while they were overseas, in an incident where Ang went as far as calling the girl “spoilt” for refusing sex with him.

Urging Others to Speak Up

In the same FB post, Melissa Yeo praised Kuroe Kun, Lilith and Nicolette Lim for coming out to share their stories of sexual harassment by Ang.

She also urged people in the industry with knowledge about these incidents to stop hiding and speak up.

Eden Ang has maintained social media silence since the first reports came through.

You can read about what his second victim said here.

Since the writing of this post, two more victims of Eden Ang have spoken out against him. You can read about it here:

Eden Ang saga continues – 2 new victims and RAPE accusations

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