Eden Ang Sexual Harassment – SECOND VICTIM Speaks Out

A week on since the Eden Ang scandal took the Internet by storm, a second victim claims that the Singaporean Youtuber had sexually harassed her in the past as well.

In case you are unaware of the entire hullabaloo over the Eden Ang sexual harassment saga, in summary, this is what is going on:

Who is Eden Ang?

Eden ang
Looks like this. Does appear like a nice, harmless guy who is fun to have around.

Eden Ang is one of Singapore’s most prominent YouTube entertainers – though if you’re not in his target audience of kids, teenagers and young adults, perhaps you’ve never heard of him before.

He has his own YouTube channel with over 170k subscribers, and regularly appears on other popular local channels such as JianHao Tan, Night Owl Cinematics and Wah!Banana.

He has also appeared in Netflix series Marco Polo, as well as the Channel 5 drama Tanglin.

All in all, he has a pretty impressive portfolio, both as an entertainer and a semi-pro actor.

What’s the Scandal all about?

So, Eden Ang has a pretty squeaky clean image. No one would expect him to be remotely involved in anything related to sex scandals.

Which is why, on Jan 25, when the first allegations came to light, the public was shocked.

A Facebook user named Kuroe Kun wrote a lengthy post claiming that Eden Ang had hired her 18-year old friend to help with his YouTube channel.

She claimed that Eden Ang demanded her friend strip to her lingerie, “smacked her ass”, and wear a G-String to work. She also claimed that her friend tried to approach the police but was turned away.

Singaporean Youtuber Dee Kosh added fuel to the fire

Local Internet celebrities took up on the buzz of the saga, and possibly in an attempt to gain Youtube views, other local Youtubers such as Dee Kosh added lengthy commentaries to the whole issue.

Eden Ang responded within 2 days, neither confirming or denying any of the claims, but lodged a police report.

The Singapore Police Force conducted a brief investigation and confirmed that in fact, the supposed victim had not lodged a police report.

So, Happily Ever After?

Well, not quite.

Second Victim speaks out

After SPF released their report, the first victim in question publicly identified herself as Lilith, and basically confirmed that everything her friend said was true.

Hey everyone. My name is Lilith, and I am the victim in the Eden Ang scandal that is currently going on. I haven’t said anything so far because i’ve been scared. no, terrified by what speaking up would mean..for my safety, for my dignity, for my family and for my friends. But enough is enough. It has recently come to light that there had been some discrepancies in the post that my friend had put out. I am here to set the record straight. Everything she said about Eden is true. He did touch me after me repeatedly telling him no, both online and offline. I will be filing a police report soon and will be unable to further comment on this issue. I encourage every girl out there who may feel the same way as i do, to please, speak out. Even if my coming out with this leads to being harassed and my safety being compromised, if I give courage to even just ONE other girl to stand up for what is right, this all be worth it. thank you for the support most of you have given me. I hope this step I take will be a step for change.

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The only discrepancy was that she had not lodged a police report, but was intending to do so soon.

The bad news for Eden Ang further worsened on Thursday (Feb 1) when a second girl, an ex-gymnast, Nicolette Lim, wrote on a Facebook post claiming that Eden had harassed her back in 2015.

Lim met Eden on the set of a drama, where she was asked to act in his videos. However, she did not agree outright.

This was where the real drama started.

As they had exchanged numbers, Eden started sending her lewd messages such as “I can see your underwear that day”, “You were wearing a beige underwear right”, “But I can see you shave”.

Afterwards, the messages became even more questionable.

Eden allegedly told Lim “I can see your pubic hair”, from stalking her Facebook posts, as she was an ex-gymnast.

Afterwards, he asked Lim to visit his house for a role, but that she had to wear a “mini skirt and a G-string”.

He also demanded pictures of her skirts, which she “stupidly did”, that Eden commented were “not short enough”.

Nicolette Lim broke off contact soon after and never contacted him again, and supposedly deleted the conversation from her phone.

She stressed that she was not sharing her experiences for ‘Internet fame’, but rather to make a stand against sexual harassment.

Police investigations from both sides are still ongoing, and it is likely that a conclusion would not be reached anytime soon.

While it is not proven whether the allegations against Eden Ang are true, a fear of speaking against sexual harassment by influential figures is widespread across societies.

At least in the meantime, we can make do with witty comments like this.

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