Elderly pump attendant OFFERS TO PAY $125 for BMW driver’s full tank of petrol due to alleged “mistake”

The owner of a BMW is assumed to be of a higher SES in Singapore- rightfully so at that. The cost of a BMW may easily go up to S$400,000, enough to buy a small HDB flat. However, there are apparently some things money cannot buy.

Last Saturday (Apr 14) at a particular Caltex petrol kiosk in Tampines, an elderly pump attendant offered to pay $125 for a customer’s full tank of petrol due to an alleged mistake.


When presented with the cost of a full tank of petrol upon payment, the customer, a driver of a BMW 5-series, claims that he asked for his car to only be filled with $10 worth of petrol.


The elderly pump attendant tried to explain himself, that he had heard the driver mention that he wanted a full tank refill, but was immediately rebutted by the driver.


The driver insisted on paying only $10, leading the pump attendant, who looked to be in his 60s, to offer to absorb the rest of the cost ($125).


Caltex Singapore, upon being informed of the news, released a statement assuring the public that the pump attendant did not bear any financial obligation from the incident and is looking into to the case.

This incident has, however, sparked the rage of the community and the driver has since been dubbed the #10dollardriver. How far do you think $10 worth of petrol can bring you? Do let us know in the comments! 🙂



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