How to enjoy your trip to Nanchang

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If you have been following SingaporeGo closely, you should have seen that Scoot has announced a one-way fare promotion to Nanchang.

[PROMOTION] Scoot to add flight routes to Nanchang in late 2018 for $78

Such a good deal but you are hesitating? Worried that you do not know what to do in Nanchang? Fret not, SingaporeGo will let you know what there is to do there so you can go ahead and book the trip, knowing you are bound to have fun. Take a look below:

TengWang Pavilion

A sight to behold, this amazing pavilion is regarded to be one of “The Four Great Towers of China”. Valued highly by the Chinese community for its magnificent architecture, certain parts of the Forbidden City was built to mimic this. Coupled with its rich history, a trip to Nanchang without visiting this pavilion is basically wasted.

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Star of Nanchang

If you like to have the big picture of anything you deal with, this Ferris wheel is just that. It was formerly the world’s tallest Ferris wheel before being succeeded by Singapore Flyer which is then succeeded by the High Roller in the U.S. That said, it is still the 3rd highest Ferris wheel in the world and will likely provide an excellent bird’s eye view.

Dragon and Tiger Mountain (龙虎山)

This majestic mountain is famous for being one of the birthplaces of Taoism and houses many Taoist temples. Another marvellous sight in Dragon and Tiger Mountain is the Cliff Tombs. Because of quantity, dangerous location and unique shape, the tombs were titled ‘the best natural archaeological museum in China’.

As of now, the reason for and method of construction of the site is unknown. Perhaps, you can ponder on this while you are visiting.

If you are interested in shopping for souvenirs:

The shopping areas are mainly on Zhongshan Road, Shengli Road, Minde Road, Xiangshan Road and Bayi Blvd.

  • Honggutan Commercial Circle

Visitors will find many large commercial shops selling luxury brands, hotels, plazas, banks and trading enterprises.

  • Bayi Square Area

This is a modern shopping area in Nanchang with 7 shopping buildings.

  • Shengli Road

This is an old commercial street with a hundred years of history. It is the local people’s favourite shopping street.

*To note:

  • Singapore passport holders can enjoy visa-free access to China for up to 15 days.
  • Scoot’s promotional offer ends on 4th March so hurry!
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