Concise summary on Singapore-China “fast-lane” travel

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CB out, Phase 1 in. That also means that Singapore is opening our borders for essential travels to keep our economy kicking.
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China is one of the first countries Singapore has opened its borders to. However, Singapore is still limiting its borders to certain places in China and only for ESSENTIAL travel.
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Under the Singapore-China “fast-lane” arrangement, only travel from the following 6 provinces or municipalities are allowed:
  1. Shanghai
  2. Tianjin
  3. Chongqing
  4. Guangdong
  5. Jiangsu
  6. Zhejiang

What are the ‘fast-lane’ arrangement requirements?

This arrangement will be effective from 8 June 2020.

All approved travellers must take a COVID-19 swab test within 48 hours before departure. An official certificate indicating that the traveller has tested COVID-19 negative is necessary and must be shown to Singapore before entering.

All travellers must bear the cost of the pre-departure polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test and personal arrangements. This includes the place of stay (which cannot be a residential place) during the 1-2 day isolation while waiting for COVID-19 test results.

During the first 14 days of arrival, the traveller’s journey must adhere to a controlled itinerary that is supervised by the host company or governmental agency.

During this time, the traveller is not allowed to use public transport. Only private hire cars, taxis, personal transport or cohorted company transport is allowed.

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No quarantine, but there’s mandatory isolation while waiting for test results

There no longer is the 14 day quarantine for this “fast-lane” arrangement, but travellers still need to isolate themselves for 1-2 days, depending on the time taken for the test results to come out.

The place of mandatory isolation cannot be a residential property, and the costs must be born by the traveller.

For Chinese workers making essential travel to Singapore via “fast-lane” MUST be sponsored by either a company or a Singapore government agency. The employer will then file an application on behalf of the applicant for a SafeTravel Pass. An approval letter will be issued once SafeaTravel Pass is approved.

Compulsory use of contact tracing apps

All travellers are required to use Singapore’s contact tracing mobile app — TraceTogether. This is required for their whole stay in Singapore.

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Singapore travellers to China — take note~

Chinese travellers need to be sponsored by a company or a government agency in Singapore. Likewise, Singaporean travellers also need to be sponsored by a company or a government agency in China. The company will then file an application with the local provincial or municipal authorities.

After approval from the Chinese government, they can apply for a visa from the Chinese Embassy in Singapore, as well as submit a health declaration to the Chinese authorities.

Travellers are also required to use China’s local Health QR code during their stay.

Travellers from Singapore who need to travel between fast lane regions in China within 14 days of arrival must get advance approval from the provincial or municipal government of the next destination. This needs to be done through the government agency or company hosting them.

Travel outside the 6 fast lane regions is only allowed after 14 days. All travellers are reminded to adhere to prevailing measures in China.

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