Everything you need to know about ‘Cabin Fever’

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With the recent COVID-19, I’m sure most of us are stuck at home, facing the 4 walls 24/7.

While staying at home seems like the only right thing to do now, being restricted at home may have a massive psychological impact on us.

We may be susceptible to ‘Cabin fever’.

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So what is Cabin Fever?

To put things simply, cabin fever is a series of emotions or symptoms people experience when they’re confined to their homes for extended periods of time.

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Do you find yourself feeling a series of negative emotions and distressing sensations when you’re at home recently?

Well, you may be suffering from Cabin Fever.

What some symptoms of Cabin Fever?

BUT before you start telling everyone you are suffering from Cabin Fever because you’re feeling stress (from the lack of bubble tea and McDonald’s), here’s are some symptoms for you to determine if you’re suffering from Cabin Fever.

  • restlessness
  • decreased motivation
  • hopelessness
  • food cravings
  • difficulty in concentrating
  • irregular sleep patterns
  • difficulty waking up
  • lethargy
  • distrust of people around you
  • lack of patience
  • persistent sadness or depression

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How can I combat Cabin Fever?

While going out may seem like the most straightforward thing to do to combat Cabin Fever, it may not be the best option!

So let me stop you there and share with you some other ways to combat Cabin Fever!


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1. Exercising

First up! You can exercise! Exercise helps release endorphins, making you feel happier and better.

Exercising also lowers your body’s stress hormones, such as cortisol. This will make you less prone to anxiety and other negative emotions.

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2. Keep in touch with your friends!

While you can’t meet your friends in real life right now, this doesn’t mean you can’t maintain a social life!

There are various platforms (such as Zoom) where you can keep in touch with your friends! Be it through games or doing a workout together!

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3. Structure your day

While you may be working from home now, it is still important to ensure you have a fixed schedule, this ensures that you will still have a sense of structure!

If possible, it is best for you to set daily goals to complete, this will definitely help keep you motivated!

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While staying at home may limit the number of things you can do, it does not have to be boring, we can always spice things out by trying new things at home!

All we got to do now is hang in there and stay home, I am sure we can get through this period soon!

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