Ex-drug offender faces JAIL TIME & CANING for ill-treating toddler, causing her genitals to bleed

Despite being shown grace, Suhaimi Juma’at, 46, bit the hand that fed him and was sentenced to jail of 10 years and nine months with eight strokes of the cane on Tuesday (May 8).

A woman who worked as a babysitter took in Suhaimi, an ex-drug offender after finding out that he had no place to call home following his release from prison.


The duo were introduced to each other through Suhaimi’s cousin in November 2016 and the babysitter subsequently agreed to let him live her flat for free. He, however, volunteered to help with her babysitting duties in exchange for not paying rent.


Like a leopard that never changes its spots, the ex-offender bought a straw of methamphetamine, also known by its street name Ice, from a drug peddler on Feb 24 last year before returning to the woman’s home, where he consumed about 3g of the substance in one sitting- an amount that could be fatal for a person whose body is not acquainted with the drug.


While he had still been recovering from the effects of the drug the following day, he was helping to babysit a 2-year-old girl, who was under the babysitter’s care.


At about 4pm that day, his anger was triggered when he saw that the toddler defecated outside the toilet on the kitchen floor. He then cleaned her up in the toilet. While being washed up in squatting position, the toddler started to play with some water in a pail, which further aggravated Suhaimi’s anger.


At the peak of his anger, Suhaimi exponentially increased the force he used to clean the girl’s private parts and even felt the girl internally.


About an hour later, a friend of the toddler’s father picked up the girl and took the child to her aunt’s home. The friend then spotted blood in the girl’s disposable diaper and the toddler screamed in pain when she was cleaned up.


She was conveyed to KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital and was still bleeding when she arrived. Upon a medical examination, the doctor found two tears in the girl’s private parts which required surgery.


After pleading guilty last month to one count of child abuse and four drug-related charges, Suhaimi faces a jail sentence of 10 years and nine months with eight strokes of the cane.



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