Expats VOMITS in taxi, and refuses to pay fare

It is a common assumption that high earning white collar workers are usually good mannered and respectful. Especially if they are ‘Ang Mor’. However that was evidently not what one cabby experienced when he picked up two Caucasian Expatriates early Sunday morning.

What happened

A cabby has taken to Facebook to complain about a pair of rude and unruly expats that he picked up on Feb 4 morning at 2.15 a.m.

A screenshot of the text.

He alleged that the seemingly drunk passengers not only threw up in the taxi, but also refuse to pay their fare. They even attempted to knock him to the ground.

The driver, Lance Ng, wrote that in the middle of their journey, the 2 men wound down their windows and proceeded to vomit out on the road. However, part of it landed inside the car.

Ng suggested they clean up the mess at a nearby petrol station, but they refused. Instead, they got off and refused to pay, and even assaulted him when he attempted to stop them.

Enraged, Ng followed them and prevented them from getting into another cab. He also filmed them and called the police 5 times in the process.

SingaporeGo believes that suggest irresponsible action severely spoils the reputation of expats in Singapore, and should be condemned.

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