Expect 15 min Train delay on NS line till March 2018 – SMRT

If you take the North-South line on a daily basis, you might have noticed it has recently been going slower/ abruptly stopping for extended times at stations.

SMRT released a statement on Monday (19 Feb) finally addressing the reason for the train delays.

Here’s their Facebook post addressing the issue:

In summary, commuters traveling in the direction of Marina South Pier MRT Station are told to expect up to 15 min additional travel time during peak hours.

SMRT stated the reason for the delay due to its carrying out “track improvement works” along the tunnel from City Hall towards Raffles Place.

It imposed speed restrictions for trains travelling through this tunnel to facilitate this process.

Commuters travelling towards Marina South Pier are told to expect train delays

This speed restriction would indirectly slow down all the other trains on the line, as MRT trains have to maintain a minimum distance between each other.

The congestions are expected to be the worst during peak hours as trains come at 2 min intervals, hence would have to travel at even slower speeds to avoid collisions with the train in front of them.

SMRT stated that it expected to complete the track improvement works by the end of March 2018, and would lift the speed restrictions then.

This statement came days after announcing that it would be ceasing cash top-ups at all MRT passenger centres by March 2018.

Cash top-up at MRT passenger service centres ceases on March 2018

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