The extent a Rejected “Boyfriend” will go to

Rejected by the girl, the teenager uploaded her naked pictures on Twitter

Don’t bother, the tweet has been taken down…

The pair met through an online game, became close friends and later engaged in sex.

The boy thought he found the love of his life and wanted to advance further with the girl to that of a boy-girl relationship. Unfortunately for him, the girl already had a boyfriend and was unwilling to.

Actually, I take that back…Unfortunately for her, the boy took photos of her while they were having sex. They were engaging in sexual acts in the girl’s home and the boy blindfolded the girl. He then proceeds to take 2 photographs of her using his mobile phone without her knowledge.

“I had wanted to keep the photo for my own viewing and to commemorate my relationship with her”

said the boy in the statement of facts for the case. Well, the fact that this article was produced obviously showed that was not the case…

Their relationship deteriorated and they drifted apart. So, in a moment of anguish, the boy decided to upload the two photographs to the girl’s Twitter account. He had previously gotten the password from the girl herself.

Trying to seek her attention, he also tweeted that he wanted to “expose this slut” who had “cheated on…her boyfriend of three years”. The girl was only notified of this incident after her friends informed her. Unfortunately for her, the boy changed the account password and she was not able to delete the tweet. The tweet was only taken down after about an hour and the damage was done.

Source: Today

The boy will receive his sentence on 14th March. His sentence could be up to a year in jail and fine.


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