And so, the extinction of mosquitoes has began!

Here’s a fun fact, only female mosquitoes will feed on blood as they need the nutrients for reproduction. And here’s another fun fact, I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t hate mosquitoes…

And so, Singapore‘s plan to exterminate mosquitoes has finally begun, starting with Tampines West and Nee Soon East

Male Wolbachia-carrying Aedes aegypti mosquitoes to be released

Okay…I think I need to slow down. Wolbachia is a type of bacteria and Aedes aegypti is a breed of mosquito, basically the Aedes ones.

By infecting the male Aedes with the Wolbachia bacteria, humans can then control their population. How? Well, when they mate with uninfected females, the resulting eggs will not hatch. This means mosquitoes will eventually die out!

However, there is a catch. The male mosquitoes are dying too fast for there to be any significant impact.

Furthermore, female Wolbachia-carrying mozzies still go on to have offspring and thus a tedious sorting process is needed.

However, the research does look to have a positive impact and will hopefully deal with issues like dengue or Zika.

Singapore had its first reported case of Zika in 2018 recently.

Warning: Zika is Back in Singapore!

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