Facebook Provides Solution for Carouhell?

Pretty sure most of you would have heard of Carousell, the marketing app that allows people to sell and buy anything available. However, it appears that some people have bad experiences on Carousell and hence termed it Carouhell…

No money
Perverted Users?
Pantyhose copy
Source: carouhell.tumblr.com
However, Facebook recently announced a “solution” by launching the Marketplace feature here in Singapore yesterday. Tapping on its large community of Facebook users, buyers and sellers can interact through the messaging function to commit on a price for the exchange of an item.


However, it appears to still have some shortcomings…
  1. It appears to be quite similar to Carousell…
  2. Lacks a browse section
  3. Feedbacks unavailable
Despite all that, Facebook’s Marketplace has already been tested in countries like United States, Australia and Thailand, with Singapore being the 3rd Asian country to have the service launched. Hopefully, this means that the feature has been successful in those countries and users can receive a better experience than Carouhell…
Watch the tutorial video below before trying it out


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