False News had Cyclist labeled as Pervert

A Facebook post with a video was circulating on social media. It invited many netizens to rain words of abuse on the cyclist.

Many netizens flamed the cyclist for being a pervert immediately, upon seeing this Facebook post. Little did they know the information were wrong.

Video alleging molestation by cyclist false; man involved in dispute with bus driver instead

-Straits Times

It turns out that this was a road rage incident instead.

The 23-year-old cyclist was riding his bicycle in front of the bus at a slow speed. When the bus driver honked at him, the cyclist braked suddenly. This caused the bus driver to apply the emergency brakes to avoid hitting him.

The bus driver, together with a few passengers, then got off the bus to confront the cyclist. Which led to a passenger capturing this

While the cyclist was still in the wrong, it is not fair for netizens to simply give him a random crime just because they were influenced by false news online. He may be classified as a pervert and face social stigma even though he did not do any of those sorts.

It is important to verify our information before jumping onto the bandwagon.

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