Famous people and their animal look alike

Have you seen an animal that reminded you of certain famous people? Or vice versa?

Here are some examples:

Samuel L. Jackson

Image via The Sun

Does he look like a b****? These iconic words uttered by the
veteran actor, as with many others throughout his expansive career underlines
his massive popularity. Here he is with “Samuel L. Barkson”

Vladimir Putin

Image by r721 via Reddit

The Russian President’s stoic gaze and expressionless face are reminiscent of this canine.

They call this dog, Vladimir Poochin

Snoop Dogg

Image via BarkPost

He has often been compared to a dachshund. That look he gives certainly justifies that!

Taylor Lautner

Image via Huffington Post

After becoming one with the alpaca, Taylor Lautner has become a meme, doing his rounds around 9GAG.

John Travolta

Image by slothsandstuffyeh via Reddit

The post was submitted to Reddit, as the user claimed that the dog above, named “John Travolta” was brought in to the local animal rescue centre.

It has received 25 thousand upvotes and some suggested that it should be put next to the Samuel L Jackson dog, as per the duo who acted together in Pulp Fiction.