Fan mail for K-pop star G-Dragon overwhelms Korean Army

The Korean Army is reportedly facing a one of a kind problem, after being flooded with fan mail for the K-pop superstar G-Dragon, who enlisted earlier this year.

The BIGBANG member’s representing agency reported that the sheer number of letters G-Dragon is receiving has depleted the amount of ink and paper in the military printing office.

This is as every single e-mail and letter sent to the military has to be printed out and handed to the soldier.

This has resulted in the slowing down of office operations, which has also affected other recruits.

Said YG entertainment

G-Dragon feels sorry to fellow training soldiers and also to his fans, as he cannot possibly read all of the letters.

Celebrities in the military

Koreans are not new to celebrities enlisting into the military.

K-pop star Rain serving in the military

With a mandatory national service program similar to Singapore, Korean men are required to serve in the military for a minimum of 21 months, regardless of status.

G-Dragon, whose real name is Kwon Ji Young, began his mandatory military service on Feb 27. He will be joined shortly, by fellow BIGBANG members Daesung and Taeyang, who are set to enlist this week.


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