Fan theories about Avengers: Infinity War you need to read before watching the movie

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I believe the biggest action film of 2018 will be Avengers: Infinity War. Almost all Marvel Cinematic Universe’s (MCU) films in the past few years have been building up the plot for this star-studded film. Check out the trailer below before we move on to discuss some of the things you would expect to see in the upcoming MCU film.

What. A. Trailer…Now, we will evaluate the trailer

1. The Infinity Stones

The main plot of Avengers: Infinity War revolves around Thanos’ obsession with the 6 coloured stones. So far we have seen 5 out of 6 of the infinity stones in the MCU films

  • Space Stone, the Tesseract (Blue)

In the trailer, Thanos is seen to have acquired the Space Stone from Loki.

  • Mind Stone, Scepter (Yellow)

Originally in Loki’s Scepter, it is now on Vision’s forehead.

  • Reality Stone, the Aether (Red)

Last seen in Thor: The Dark World, the stone is left with the Collector for safekeeping

  • Power Stone, the Orb (Purple)

Handed to the Nova Corps by Guardians of the Galaxy, it is now in Thanos possession.

  • Time Stone, the Necklace (Green)

Still in Doctor Strange’s possession as seen in the trailer

That is all we have seen of the infinity stones so far. And now we await the last infinity stone, the Soul Stone. It was thought to be appearing in The Black Panther but sadly, it did not.

Where the Soul Stone could be

  • Heimdall, the all-seeing and all-hearing guardian sentry of Asgard

A reader noted that Heimdall had the ability to see all the souls in the nine realms despite being blind. The fact that the Soul Stone is orange does help support this theory since Heimdall is…well…slight orange?

An interesting to note is that all the artifacts with Infinity Stones spell out T.H.A.N.O.S. And the H refers to Heimdall.

However, the Infinity Stones are said to hold immense power and the soul stone should allow the wielder to control people’s souls instead of merely seeing them. So this fact points the location of the Soul Stone to another person…

  • Hela, the Goddess of Death

Hela has the ability to raise the dead as shown from her ability to build an army from the remains of her warriors. This perhaps highlights the control over the “souls” of others.

  • Tony Stark, Iron Man

Before you go “this is bulls***” and put close this tab, look at the New Infinity War Art below first

The Space Stone was first introduced in Captain America. Doctor Strange has the Time Stone. Reality stone is in the Thor movie and Vision has the Mind Stone. So, ignoring the abnormally for the Power Stone, the new promo poster may have just leaked the location of the Soul Stone.

Furthermore, a fan hypothesizes that Tony Stark may not be human at all since by his father’s words to him:

“What is and always will be, my greatest creation…is you”

This may be referring to the fact that Howard Stark managed to harness the power of the Soul Stone to create Tony Stark.

Also, if you look back to the above scene, it looks like Tony Stark is the only one able to move while Dr Strange, Bruce Banner and Wong are frozen. They may have been affected by Thanos’ Space Stone while Stark avoided that due to his control over the Soul Stone.

Of course, the above 3 are just fans speculations and could well be wrong. There are some loopholes in each fan theory and the Soul Stone could simply be elsewhere.

Heroes power-up:

Thanos is known to be Marvel’s most powerful Villain. It is too hard to describe how powerful he is so I will just let you google it. The main point is, because of how OP Thanos is, we get to see several heroes undergo some amazing upgrade.

  • Iron Spider

In Spiderman: Homecoming, we saw Peter Parker rejecting an enhanced spiderman suit from Tony Stark because he thought it was a test. It turns out, he managed to wear it to fight Thanos. I got to say…it looks awesome!

  • Iron Man Bleeding Edge Armor

Watching Iron Man’s suit fly down from the sky to suddenly save Tony Stark always made fans wonder what happens if that does not happen in time. This time, Tony Stark created a new armour that simply oozes out to coat him.

The specifics, like where does the armour come out from, are still not clear but damn…this is even more spectacular than the Iron Spider. As expected of Stark to keep the best to himself.

  • Captain America

Those who have watched Captain America: Civil War would have known that Captain America no longer has the shield. He is then given a shield by the King of Wakanda, the Black Panther.

  • Hulk dons the Hulkbuster Armor (Speculation)

Hulk is already considered the strongest Avengers given his super strength and regenerative ability. Now imagine Hulk with machine guns and rocket launchers, you get a pure monster of destruction…

That arm does not seem to belong to Iron Man…

Iron Man will never move that clumsily

Heroes Dying (Speculations)

Avengers: Infinity War is known to be the end of this generation of MCU films and signals the start of the next. So, in order to end of a generation, it seems that MCU may have decided on clearing a few casts to make room for the new ones.

Tony Stark holding a dead hero’s hand?

  • Captain America

Chris Evans has had a good run in the MCU and he may end up like Hugh Jackman’s Logan. He has lost his role as Captain America after the Civil War arc and is now seen as either nomad or just steve rogers. He could well make way for the development of Falcon.

  • Loki

Honestly one of the weakest characters in MCU, he may actually lose his life this time. Once he passes the Tesseract to Thanos, he will immediately lose his value and MCU may want to let Thor mourn for his brother once more.

  • Clint Barton, Hawkeye

The fact that he did not appear in the trailer, is not getting a solo movie, will be using arrows against aliens and is old suggest that he is almost 100% the first member to be removed. Honestly…he should have sacrificed for Quick Silver, not the other way round.

And that concludes our first article in the series of “Let’s talk about”. Watch out for Avenger: Infinity War in Singapore Cinema on 3rd May 2018.

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