Father reunites with long-lost daughter after 24 YEARS!

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In Southwest China’s Sichuan province, Wang Mingqing received an unlikely gift on April Fool’s Day. On April 1st, Wang Mingqing finally located his estranged daughter after hunting for her for over 20 years.

His daughter, Wang Qifeng, went missing on Jan 8, 1994, when Wang Mingqing and his wife were tending to customers at their fruit shop in Chengdu city. Then, she was a mere 3 years old. The distraught parents panicked and mounted a manhunt for their daughter every day until 1 am. Upon their arrival back home, tears abounded once their gaze landed on their daughter’s clothes.

Mr. Wang continued his efforts, posting in newspapers, seeking out child welfare organisations and eventually found a job on the largest ride-hailing platform in China Didi Chuxing, such that he could “meet passengers from everywhere in China, and I can ask them to help find my daughter”. Ingenious, eh?

By doling out a card containing his daughter’s information and making use of instant-messaging platform Wechat, Wang quickly disseminated information on his daughter.

“I have received 4,839 requests for rides since I became a Didi driver. In the past two years, I have always been waiting for one passenger – my missing daughter,” Wang said.

Eventually, Wang’s persistence bore fruit. Wang’s daughter, now named Kang Ying, saw Wang’s news story on the internet and got in contact with him.

“She will come to Chengdu by plane from Jilin on Tuesday, and we will reunite. I would like to take her back to our hometown in Ziyang city to see our relatives,” Wang said.

What a happy ending!

“I’m going to run for Nominated Member of Parliament”-Xiaxue, Internet personality


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