Female student in Zhejiang, China, TRAPPED in bed frame during competition to determine slimmest figure

China and its people are well-known for taking things to the extreme; They hold Guinness Records- some bizarre, some respectable- such as: largest human mattress dominoes, tallest outdoor elevator, fastest maglev train in regular public service, and the longest time in abdominal plank position.


When it comes to an athletic competition, the Chinese almost always compete with their country’s pride on the line, for honour and glory- even if it is against someone from their country.


When it comes to a comparison to determine the slimmest figures, the ladies in China are never short on ideas. Examples include the “A4 Waist Challenge”, whereby ladies will hold an A4-sized paper against their waist to show off how tiny their waists are and the “Belly-button Challenge”, where they try to wrap their arms around their belly button.

(A4 Waist Challenge)

(Belly-button Challenge)


In the latest trend, challengers determine the slimmest waist among them by attempting to fit in or between various objects of differing widths, which resulted in a secondary school girl in China to be stuck in a bed frame, which required emergency services to get her out of her tight situation.


Seven students in Zhejiang, China, had returned to their dormitory after classes on Saturday (May 5) and decided to attempt the challenge mentioned above with a double-decker bed frame.


Taking the lead as she was considered to be the slimmest within the group, Li volunteered to attempt the challenge.


However, the 30cm-high, 15-cm wide gap proved to be too narrow, even for her. Midway through the challenge, she realised she was trapped and could not get herself out, even with the help of her friends.

They then called the police for assistance, to which an 8-man rescue team and a fire engine responded to the scene and extricated the girl after sawing open the bed frame.


Oh how I wonder what the rescuers were thinking when they were at the scene!



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