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Jingle bell, Jingle bell, Jingle all the way!!! Introducing you to Finland today! Lets see what they have to offer for this coming christmas!!!

Santa Claus Village 

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You can meet Santa Claus and cross the magical Arctic Circle every day at the Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi in Lapland, Finland.

Santa Claus spends his time at the Santa Claus Village every day of the year to take care of his mission in life; to enhance the well-being of children and the kindness of grown-ups, as well as spreading the message of love and goodwill and the Christmas Spirit across the globe.


What to do there:

  • Arctic Circle Husky Park
  • Artic Circle Snowmobile Park
  • Apukka Resort Activities
  • Christmas House Safaris & Reindeer Farm
  • Elf’s Farm Yard Petting Zoo
  • Moomin SnowCastle Finland
  • Nordic Delights: Arctic Circle Ceremonies & guiding and tour leading
  • Reindeer and husky farm Raitola
  • Santa’s Adventures
  • Santa Claus Holiday Village Activities & Safaris
  • Santa Claus Reindeer
  • Snowman Safaris
  • Sirmakko Reindeer Farm & Kota Restaurant
  • Snowman World Winter Zone
  • Wild Nordic Finland


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Santa Park

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Underneath the Arctic Circle, deep beneath the ground, lies Santa’s secret cavern where it’s Christmas all year round!

We warmly welcome you to join our merry Elves on an unforgettable journey to the heart of Christmas at SantaPark, an indoor Christmas theme park voted the top Christmas destination in the world.

What to do there:

  • Hop on the Magic Train and travel through enchanting worlds,
  • Earn your very own diploma at Elf School,
  • Undercross the Arctic Circle and enter the cool realm of the Ice Princess,
  • Feel the crispy breath of winter in the Ice Gallery,
  • Enjoy the jolly Elf Show on the main stage,
  • Send your Christmas greetings at our buzzing Post Office,
  • Decorate cookies in the cozy kitchen of Mrs. Gingerbread,
  • Whisper your dearest wishes to Santa Claus himself!


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Lainio Snow Village

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SnowVillage is a magical world of ice and snow located in Lainio, just 30 kilometers from Kittilä airport and close to the destinations of Levi and Ylläs. Each year the SnowVillage is built with a new design, using around 15 million kilos of snow and 300 000 kilos of crystal clear natural ice are used to build the spectacular SnowVillage which changes in shape, size and design to amaze visitors.


What to do there:

  • Husky Safari 10 km
  • Husky Safari 16 km
  • Snowmobile Safari to Wilderness
  • Driver’s Dream Snowmobile Safari
  • Aurora Borealis Safari by Snowmobile
  • Fishing experience by Snowmobile
  • Reindeer Safari
  • Altai Skiing Trip
  • White Silence on Snowshoes
  • Cross Country Skiing Trip
  • Ice Sculpting Class
  • Winter Trails by FatBike

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Ho Ho Ho!! Be sure to head down at least once in your life!!


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