Fire broke out at Ferrer Road Leedon Residence

17 Mar 2018, a fire broke out at the Leedon Residence near Farrer Road.

The intense fire and smoke came from the second floor of the condominium at 20 Leedon Heights, Block 24, at around 10am.

Firefighters were immediately called in and had attempted to put out the flame.

“There was a lot of smoke. It was only when we heard the shattering of the windows and saw the smoke coming out of the unit, we realised it was the second-floor unit on fire,” a resident said.

The unit’s window shatter by the hot flame, sending a blanket of smoke several storeys above the residence.

It was told that around 40 to 50 residents were evacuated from the block to an open grass patch.

The fire was told to be put out roughly 1 hour after the firefighters arrived.

No injury reports were announced.

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